RESULTS RNA Customer Reviews

Over 500 positive reviews and counting

“The product works! Had persistent respiratory issues. Usually oil of oregano works for me. This time it did not. Tried the colloidal silver and it disappeared almost immediately.”
– Robert O
“Five Stars. Superb product – has helped me to stay healthy since I began using 3 years ago.????????????????????????”
– Dante O
“Great nasal spray! Have had seasonal issues all my life- this nasal spray is the best. The fact that it has colloidal silver is a big plus for me. There are days that I use it 2 or 3 times a day; this is only when I am experiencing more issues. Results RNA is an excellent company with quality products.”
– Mary F
“Five stars. Perfect, fast shipping”
– Alex R
“I recommend this! I use it daily and can tell a difference. Will continue to purchase and use.”
– Gracie V
“Glad I discovered this gem.”
– Parker C
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Remarkable nasal wash. This was recommended to me to deal with ongoing seasonal issues and it worked great for me!”
– Laurel L
“Works well.”
– Ralph S
“Recently found this product and am very glad. I was taking curcumin by capsule but after awhile it started irritating my stomach. NOW I can take it by spray in the mouth (as I also take other Results RNA products.) I am VERY pleased so far. It has a great combination of ingredients, and the taste is pleasant. This has provided much needed support for my joints. Thank you Results RNA!”
– Sue B
“Results RNA has superior products. This product is great as well. It’s nice to have on hand for daily use, after showering, or occasional use.”
– Erin P
“This stuff works amazingly well.”
– Shawn A
“Excellent product.”
– Dora E
“ACS 200 Nasal has other ingredients like borage leaf, chamomile, & echinacea. So, these products [ACS 200 Silver and ACS Nasal] aren’t the same thing! That being said, I use both products and love them. The nasal spray is a life saver for when I go to sleep. I’ve gotten the best sleep since I started using this. It’s also helped this winter.”
– Candice F
“So easy to use, and price is better than other similar products”
– Marylyn S
“This is one amazing product!”
– Patty G.
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“We have been using it for a few months. Great product!
– Amber Z
– Luis A
“This is a good product.”
– Frank D
Bought for my daughter upon Dr request. Taste is fair and we’ve seen great results.
– Gina M
“Helpful nasal wash”
– Ken
“Great product for many uses!”
– Pat D
“Excellent product! Especially quantity quality with price.”
– Jessica R
“Great product. Great price and quantity. I’ve been using a 55ppm product on my skin and it was half an ounce per day and around 5 to 7 dollars a pop, it got expensive. I came across this and it’s 200ppm and it’s 8 (eight) ounces? Excellent. Works great. Very satisfied. Thanks.”
– Greg N
Wonderful product. Helps my head to not shake much. Thank you!
– Jean M
– Sherrel W
“With a blend of few other things mainly being this product, I have seen a big difference in my child in almost 3 months.”
– Grigor S
“Works very well for my personal needs.”
– Lee W
“I was thrilled to find a GEL! I use Colloidal Silver liquid internally and for “eye drops” and have used a Colloidal Silver cream but not the gel until my acupuncturist used some for a facial regimen. It is great and gives me a feeling of safety to use it for minor skin issues.”
– Moka S
“I believe in using silver for general health support and this product works fast!”
– Krista M
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Five stars. A+”
– Stephen S
“Needed for daily workout and strengthening. Helped good night’s rest…pop up in the morning instead of dragging out of bed.”
– Marie K
“We saw huge improvements in our son!!!”
– Sara D
“This product is amazing. I put it on my face and hands and am amazed by the results.”
– Phoenix A
“Really helped with my skin – a great product!”
– Kayla B
“Great stuff, love this Silver Gel! I have scalp issues and this has helped greatly. The pump vs the tube is much easier to apply. Yes, it’s a little pricey but well worth it!”
– Mikie D
“Great for supporting detoxification. I’m using this product to detox and it seems to be working well . I recommend drinking plenty of water if you take this to support more efficient, natural detoxification.”
– Ann C
“Potent! It has provided great support for issues with my feet…..between the toes or anywhere on the foot. I never opened the cream given to me by my podiatrist. Imagine that!”
– Shirley F
“Easy to take. Pleasant taste.”
– Katness C
“I will be a customer of this gel again and again. I give this product a ten out of ten stars.”
– Rashid S
“Awesome. Great product ????”
– Miles H
“Keeps my skin clear. I apply it once a day after bathing to my face, armpits and groin and it keeps my skin clear and healthy.”
– Derek W
“Love the C3 Curcumin!!! I’m so glad I found Results RNA!”
– Daniel G
“WOW, something that really works! Easy to take and has a pleasant taste, too.”
– Rich M.
“I have added this to my supplements and seem to have more energy and less discomfort. I’ll keep using it but hesitate about re-buying because of cost. Please consider lowering it. Most people who need this are on a budget to start with! Thanks”
– Lauren
“Convenient if you are taking a lot of curcumin. I tried this product because I am taking a lot of C3 curcumin for joint discomfort, and after a while I experienced “having to go” at unexpected times from all the pill-taking. The spray is ultra-convenient and easy to take. I was told to take 12 sprays 2x a day. If you are taking curcumin I would say don’t waste your time with anything that is not C3.”
– Kirk J
“Fast delivery. Great for detoxing.”
– Diane S
“Easy to use, suitable for both kids and adult. Have seen improvement over time.”
– Kyle P
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“They really did help!”
– Tracy E
“ACS 200 Silver works amazingly well!!”
– Shawn A
“AWESOME! FAST! WORKS! I immediately noticed its effects! Not only did it give me smooth energy, it energized my MUSCLES! For the first time in 20 years, I have more muscle energy to stand straight without effort! It has allowed me to extend my physical activity, even come home in the late afternoon and stand in the kitchen preparing food, instead of having to lay down for awhile.
I do 4-6 sprays in am, 2-3 in afternoon, sometimes, then 4-6 in the evening.”
– Kate W
“Love Results RNA products! I use ACS, ACG, & ACN. ALL are INCREDIBLE. I usually use Brainforce from InfoWars Life in capsule form, which is my favourite, but I decided to try ACN Neuro spray. A GREAT formula and I definitely notice results when I take it regularly. Clearer thinking, better focus. Also, I’ve had issues with recall over the past several years and together with the glutathione product ACG I’ve noticed dramatic improvements!”
– John H
“The product is easy to use for my mom who is in a care center”
– Rob W
“Very good product!”
– Amanda C
“I have used the Ultimate Immune Support System with amazing results. I stopped using anything for about a year and over a period of time was slipping backwards. A month ago I restarted and seem to be doing so much better once again. I highly recommend Results RNA.”
– Harold C
“I have been using ultimate immune support for about 2 years and I am much better now and I know it has helped greatly. Thanks for the support system Results RNA!”
– Barbara G
“Easy to use spray.”
– Claudia R
“Easier than a pill. I like it because it is easy to use.”
– Lilie M
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“I like that it’s easy to use being a nasal spray. I can carry it around with me. The only thing is the cap is not attached to the bottle so it could get uncapped easy and potentially easy to lose especially the cap is clear in color. If it is colored and could have grooves on the cap as well as the bottle to keep it tightly closed, then there’s less chance of losing the cap. I also would like it to be less pricey.”
– Michael O
“Amazing stuff! I feel so much better when I use them ♥️”
– Daisy
“ACS 200 Silver is a treasure. ACS 200 is working very good over the last 4 months.”
– Rashid S
“Resteva is amazing at helping me get a restful sleep!”
– Kimber D
“Ultimate Immune Support has helped me a lot.”
– Ron L
“This stuff is amazing.”
– Tammy K
“I’ve been using the Ultimate Immune Support System for a couple months. When I use it I feel great, if I forget, I don’t feel as good. Overall, more energy when I use it!”
– Brent M
“Great product. Tried others.”
– Karen K
“The Ultimate Immune Support products do work. I have been on them since the first week of February so I am only on them a little over 3 months and getting great results.”
– Casandra J
“I used to exercise my dogs (4 Cow Dogs) daily, go to 5k runs 2 times a week, work outdoors on the property, and always be busy doing some kind of activity. Anyway, we will get back to normal!! ACG Glutathione has worked wonders. Stick with it and your normal sleep habits will return. Trying the Ultimate Immune Support System next, as I have now spoken to 9 others on this page that swear by it.”
– Justin M
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“ACS 200 Silver is just amazing! In less than two months, my son is making progress! God bless you!!!!”
– Delia I
“I’m very grateful for finding Results RNA and hope it will spread to more and more countries.”
– Filip W
“The Ultimate Immune Support System sprays have changed my life!”
– Trinity G
“This works great!”
– Sandie T
“I’ve been using these products for a long time, and they have definitely been a life changer!”
– Cassandra J.
“I love your ACS 200 Silver.”
– Ryan S
 “Love these products!”
– Jennifer B
– Glen M
“Best and strongest colloidal silver. I love it. Easy spray bottle. All three of us use ACS 200 for everything.”
– Marie M
“I’m on Results RNA Immune Support and feeling so much better.”
– David J
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“I’m using this Ultimate Immune Support product and its working well so far…. Feeling better.”
– Sundi S
“I’ve nearly finished my bottles and feel confident using these products.”
– Gail H
“Yes I added them to my routine about 60 days ago and they have provided the missing pieces that I’ve personally needed. Energy is vastly improved and everyone who knows me personally can see the difference.”
– Patricia B
“I’ve been using this product and it’s amazing…felt improvement in less than an hour…I add to my dogs water too…add to my fish tank…I will never be without. ..just started detox program and will keep you posted!!!…any questions..just ask…pharmacist here!”
– Sherry J
“It went above and beyond!”
– Kaitlin S
“Great product for supporting natural detoxiification. I’m feeling great since using ACZ Nano. Shipping came fast and everything looked great.”
– Damon W
“Love this product.”
– Tiffany K
“The Neuro spray tastes really yummy! It’s so easy to use.”
– Kryssy L
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“ACS Nasal is amazing!”
– Carly C
“I’ve been using the product for about 6 years and have had great results.”
– Debra S.
“It helps.”
– Jill P
“I use ACS 200 Silver for EVERYTHING. I’m convinced it helps with immune support. I use it topically, as well as orally. Google it. There are heaps of people who are huge fans of this spray. I’m already on my second bottle.”
– Jessica P
“CogniREV is my go-to product to keep me energized and mentally sharp throughout the day – very important given the demands of working long hours in the broadcast industry. Highly recommended!”
– Geoff G
“No one should be without ACS 200 silver.”
– Marcela G
“I have been using the Immune Support kit for almost 2 years! Amazing results!”
– Jessie S
“I will always get more as soon as I am running out.”
– Dorys F
“I had sinus issues for weeks and nothing seemed to make it go away. Started using ACS Nasal from the recommendation of my integrated medicine doctor. After just about 3 days of using it twice daily my stuffiness began to improve.”
– Sky T
“Perfect product to support immune system. Helped me a lot.”
– Kacey M
“This is the only nose spray that has worked for me for an extended period of time.”
– Grant M
“Thank you. I am having good results so far with the ACS 200 Silver.”
– Michelle T
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz

“I am using the ACS Nasal spray…and I LOVE it!!”
– Stephanie H
“Quercetin is great!! Do take it!! Good stuff it helps!!”
– Karen D

”I noticed immediate improvement in my seasonal symptoms with the use of Quercetin. In just a few minutes, my red, itchy, watery eyes cleared, and I could breathe! I am thrilled with these results and highly recommend this product to anyone suffering. “
– Scott C

“This product does the job. I love it!”
– Marie E
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz

“I’ve been using this for the last two years. I’m very happy with the results.”
– Ashley C

“We added this to our daily spray regimen and it’s fantastic!”
– Adam B
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz

Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Quercetin actually works for me with no side effects, one product of many that I have tried. I cannot take any script meds for my non allergic rhinitis I have a lot of swelling, headaches and irritation in my nose/head along with much drainage and this does help reduce my symptoms. My system is so sensitive I seem to inevitably suffer side effects from most medicine, but this spray is different, I suffer no negative effects. I have used 6 or 12 sprays twice a day, as well as trying 6 sprays 4 times a day as my days always seem different and keep me guessing how bad I will feel. If you stick with this product and give it a try you might be surprised, I was and happy to find something to reduce my issues.”
– Barb D

“I have terrible symptoms every spring. My symptoms include itchy, red, eyes, stuffy nose and scratchy throat. It is also difficult to sleep at night due to nasal congestion and coughing resulting from post-nasal drip. The first night I used Quercetin, I was able to sleep because I could breathe and had no cough! In the morning, my eyes were clear and not itchy. I could not believe a natural product could be this effective, this quickly, and thankfully with no side-effects!”
– Trina I

“I work with toxic chemicals and have seasonal symptoms which means I have severe sinus congestion, post-nasal drip, sore throat, cough, irritated eyes and headache most of the time. It is difficult to breathe and have a chronic cough which disturbs those around me and my sleep. Saline washes and medications do not help for very long and I do not like the side-effects. I was so excited when I used this product! Within minutes, I had noticeable improvement in my symptoms. I could not believe that I could breathe, my eyes did not burn, my throat did not hurt, and I did not cough for hours! I love this product and recommend folks with these types of symptoms to give it a try. I am so glad I did.”
– Samantha A