RESULTS RNA Customer Reviews

Over 500 positive reviews and counting

“The product works! Had persistent respiratory issues. Usually oil of oregano works for me. This time it did not. Tried the colloidal silver and it disappeared almost immediately.”
– Robert O
“Five Stars. Superb product – has helped me to stay healthy since I began using 3 years ago.????????????????????????”
– Dante O
“Great nasal spray! Have had seasonal issues all my life- this nasal spray is the best. The fact that it has colloidal silver is a big plus for me. There are days that I use it 2 or 3 times a day; this is only when I am experiencing more issues. Results RNA is an excellent company with quality products.”
– Mary F
“Five stars. Perfect, fast shipping”
– Alex R
“I recommend this! I use it daily and can tell a difference. Will continue to purchase and use.”
– Gracie V
“Glad I discovered this gem.”
– Parker C
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Remarkable nasal wash. This was recommended to me to deal with ongoing seasonal issues and it worked great for me!”
– Laurel L
“Works well.”
– Ralph S
“Recently found this product and am very glad. I was taking curcumin by capsule but after awhile it started irritating my stomach. NOW I can take it by spray in the mouth (as I also take other Results RNA products.) I am VERY pleased so far. It has a great combination of ingredients, and the taste is pleasant. This has provided much needed support for my joints. Thank you Results RNA!”
– Sue B
“Results RNA has superior products. This product is great as well. It’s nice to have on hand for daily use, after showering, or occasional use.”
– Erin P
“This stuff works amazingly well.”
– Shawn A
“Excellent product.”
– Dora E
“ACS 200 Nasal has other ingredients like borage leaf, chamomile, & echinacea. So, these products [ACS 200 Silver and ACS Nasal] aren’t the same thing! That being said, I use both products and love them. The nasal spray is a life saver for when I go to sleep. I’ve gotten the best sleep since I started using this. It’s also helped this winter.”
– Candice F
“So easy to use, and price is better than other similar products”
– Marylyn S
“This is one amazing product!”
– Patty G.
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“We have been using it for a few months. Great product!
– Amber Z
– Luis A
“This is a good product.”
– Frank D
“Bought for my daughter upon Dr request. Taste is fair and we’ve seen great results.”
– Gina M

“Helpful nasal wash”
– Ken
“Great product for many uses!”
– Pat D
“Excellent product! Especially quantity quality with price.”
– Jessica R
“Great product. Great price and quantity. I’ve been using a 55ppm product on my skin and it was half an ounce per day and around 5 to 7 dollars a pop, it got expensive. I came across this and it’s 200ppm and it’s 8 (eight) ounces? Excellent. Works great. Very satisfied. Thanks.”
– Greg N
Wonderful product. Helps my head to not shake much. Thank you!
– Jean M
– Sherrel W
“With a blend of few other things mainly being this product, I have seen a big difference in my child in almost 3 months.”
– Grigor S
“Works very well for my personal needs.”
– Lee W
“I was thrilled to find a GEL! I use Colloidal Silver liquid internally and for “eye drops” and have used a Colloidal Silver cream but not the gel until my acupuncturist used some for a facial regimen. It is great and gives me a feeling of safety to use it for minor skin issues.”
– Moka S
“I believe in using silver for general health support and this product works fast!”
– Krista M
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Five stars. A+”
– Stephen S
“Needed for daily workout and strengthening. Helped good night’s rest…pop up in the morning instead of dragging out of bed.”
– Marie K