RESULTS RNA Customer Reviews

Over 500 positive reviews and counting

“I got my money’s worth. This product made a difference. And it didn’t burn like I expected it to.”
– Brandon J
“Super easy to use!”
– R
“Very convenient to use.”
– Gretchen C
“This product is exceptional!”
– Amanda K
“Great seller and product!”
– Trey D
“Ultimate Immune Support is my go to product for patients needing immune support.. I highly recommend it.”
– Robyn B
“Really easy to use, no bad reactions/gentle slow working, recommended by my son’s functional practitioner.”
– Marie H
“We purchased ACS 200 Extra Strength to support our immune system. A few sprays in your mouth, then swallow.”
– Ali M
“Have had an itchy spot on my back for months. I sprayed ACS 200 on it and it stopped.. Ahhh..”
– Fredrick A
“This nasal spray is a great, great product.”
– Laurie B
– Nora J
Super good stuff!! will always keep a supply of ACS 200 Silver on hand.
– Dory F
“I started using ACS 200 Silver orally as recommended and also put some in a nebulizer, and I noticed a difference! I think this really helped.”
– Ethan A
“No one should be without this.”
– Marcella D
“This is an excellent product!”
– Dave S
“Love this for air travel! I usually have issues after long flights – this keeps me feeling good!”
– Henry P
“A must to have on hand for burns and scrapes.”
– Nancy N
“ACG is really helping my elderly dog to feel better.”
– Krisy L
“This product has made a difference – it works.”
– Jackson A
“I use ACS 200 Silver on myself and my dogs!”
– Lynda B
“Highly recommend.”
– Maggie D
“It works.”
– Shirley W
“I started using ACS 200 Extra Strength three weeks ago and never had felt better. More energy and I’m breathing more freely. I’m going to reorder and get one also for my husband I use 10 sprays twice a day under my tongue. Very very happy with this product.”
– Tim W
“Seems to work and recommended by MD.”
– Marie H
“I use both the ACS Nasal and ACS 200 Silver products and love them. The nasal spray has helped with my stuffy nose and sleep.”
– Debbie T
“Love it!”
– Adel D
“Perfect for detox!”
– Sharlene G
“Very good product!”
– Max Y
“This ACZ Nano Zeolite seems to really help.”
– Troy H
“ACS Nasal lasts a while and is easy to use.”
– Stef N
“No complaints.”
– Dan N
“This is a great product! We’ve been taking Total Body Detox for over 4 months and have seen wonderful results!”
– Heidi V
“I have been using this brand of Silver for a few years now and it seems to help keep me and my family healthier”
– Linda W
“Great product”
– Samuel C
“ACS 200 Extra Strength is my favorite supplement. I take it with their ACZ Nano Zeolite product and have been very pleased!”
– Horace C
“Super good”
– Kristi E
“This ACS 200 Silver gel is powerful, it gets the job done. This company is probably “Top Dog” as far as making colloidal silver products.”
– Darcy D
“It is a very good product, easy to use and has very fast effect.”
– Rachael Y
“Good product. It really worked at once”
– Harriet W
“I had a great experience with ACS 200 Silver…I highly recommend!”
– Dodie T
“ACS silver has so many uses and it works immediately.”
– Martha P
“ACS 200 is the best colloidal silver to have.”
– Mark L
“Excellent product and simple, easy to use spray bottle.”
– Devin K
“Very helpful in my detox program.”
– John Z
– Nancy R
“I highly recommend ACS Silver!”
– Tim B
– Salman A
“Great product at a great price and delivered right to my home. I love it. It is the exact product recommended to me by my medical practitioner.”
– Jerry A
“Love this product!”
– Haley G
“It’s so wonderful and beneficial.”
– Sarah S
“Great product!!!!”
– Kristie C
“ACS nasal does the job and has lasted long!”
– Sarah H
“Seems that it works. I’m now on 2 sprays twice a day with ACS 200 Silver and will continue based on progress I’ve seen.”
– Barbara J
“As promised. Thank you.”
– Carolyn R
“Great product ”
– Susan G
“Love this silver, we’ve used it for only 3 days but immediately both my Hubby and myself have experienced a deeper breathing. Funny but we didn’t have a clue our breathing was shallow until using the ACS nasal spray.”
– Debra P
– Sandy T
“Total Body Detox is amazing. I use this everday – 12 sprays twice a day when I’m not feeling well, and 6 sprays once a day as maintenance. I highly recommend to family and friends.”
– Tonya W
“I have tried many other brands and nothing holds a candle to this amazing product. I’m very grateful to have found ACS 200!”
– Karen D
“I’ve decided to use ACS 200 Extra Strength for the rest of my life.”
– Alex K
“This immune support system is wonderful. Makes me feel great.”
– Gene S
“Love it! I use it for irritated skin.Pump bottle so easy to use!”
– Walker D
– Peter J
“When you gotta detox the metals, ACZ Nano Zeolite is for you.”
– Adel H
– Callie C
“Very good.”
– Brittany F
“I read a lot about this product before ordering. It met or exceeded all my expectations.”
– Tom G
“Worth it.”
– Colin S
“It does work good!”
– Vance M
“Helped in dealing with too much time in the sun. ACS 200 was also helpful with my dog’s skin problem.”
– Peter B
“Recommended by my integrated physician. I also added ACS 200 to my dog’s water bowl which he loves. Will buy this product again.”
– Charlee F
– Kate S
“Excellent product so far! Very good results & you can feel difference in body chemistry. Also, supports immune health. Thanks!”
– Jared J
“Will continue to buy!”
– Steven D
“Use this everyday with my moisturizer.”
– NJ H
“Awesome product! Just as I expected!”
– Nathan H
“Great product.”
– Stephanie B
“ACS 200 is a potent, very high quality silver!”
– John W
“I use the ACS 200 Extra Strength Colloidal spray but have bought the ACS Nasal spray also. My son used the RNA Silver nasal spray ONCE, and it helped him to breathe more freely.”
– Matt F
“Very helpful for supporting my immune system.”
– Cynthia K
“Very good, thank you.”
– Vern L
“Love this zeolite spray!”
– Nicole D
“Best natural health product on the market!”
– Jonathan K
“Very easy to take when traveling for immune support.”
– Judith G
“We have used ACS 200 Extra Strength for three years and believe in having it on hand.”
– John L
“Great results!”
– Abby C
“There are heaps of people who are huge fans of ACS 200 Extra Strength. I’m already on my second bottle.”
– Doug C
“ACS silver is a very easy-to-take, pleasant tasting silver product.”
– Mona F
“The whole Results RNA Ultimate Immune Support system has truly helped me!”
– Charlie M
“This product is great! Will never be without it!”
– Rebecca R
“It helped! If you don’t feel well, spray immediately.”
– Amy G
“Very good stuff!”
– Carolina A
“This seems to help when we are feeling under the weather. Have been buying ACS 200 for three years now.”
– Carolyn P
– Robert C
“Works well. Good silver content.”
– Ron R
“These are fabulous products.”
– Ashton C
“Great. Used it already for cuts”
– Tammy L
“ACS 200 Silver is amazing! This company has fantastic products. Results RNA – there is no comparison for this company, hands down best stuff ever! Thanks Results RNA, great job!”
– Ally R