Ultimate Immune Support System
Extra Strength

Achieve total body detoxification, immune boost, reduced oxidative stress, neurological & cellular regeneration with our most powerful system yet. Take daily for extraordinary results. Just spray, swish & swallow.

Results RNA Ultimate Immune Support System 2oz 4oz sprays

2 oz formulas: Provides 30 days of support when administered at the standard dose (6 sprays, twice daily).
4 oz formulas: Provides 60 days of support when administered at the standard dose (6 sprays, twice daily)


“The Ultimate Immune Support System changed my life.”
– Ron L
Results RNA Ultimate Immune Support System 2oz 4oz sprays
“Ultimate Immune Support definitely helps me…been using for over a year. When I have run out, I really notice a difference!”
– Julie S
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“These products, HANDS DOWN, changed the course of our family’s life. I will never know how to thank this company enough. Keep doing what your doing! Blessings!”
– Connie B
Results RNA Ultimate Immune Support System 2oz 4oz sprays
“They really did help!”
– Tracy E

“The Ultimate Immune Support System has been working for me. I’m a sceptic and i tried it only because of the reviews and it was cheaper than the other program I was on. I’m glad I did!”
– Deborah P
“I am very pleased with the results I am having with this product.”
– Shelly B.

“WOW, something that really works! Easy to take and has a pleasant taste, too.”
– Rich M.
The Ultimate Immune Support System is helping me immensely!
– Ryan S
“This stuff is amazing.”
– Tammy K
“Good product, fast service.”
– B
“This company is really good, high quality.”
– Scott C
“I also love my RNA items! They work!!”
– Nick B
“The Ultimate Immune Support is helping me immensely!”
– Ryan S

“I have had great results from Ultimate Immune Support, so I highly recommend it, to anyone who has Lyme.”
– Heather P

“I have used the Ultimate Immune Support System with amazing results. I stopped using anything for about a year and over a period of time was slipping backwards. A month ago I restarted and seem to be doing so much better once again. I highly recommend Results RNA.”
– Harold C
“I have been using ultimate immune support for about 2 years and I am much better now and I know it has helped greatly. Thanks for the support system Results RNA!”
– Barbara G
“Personal experience of family members and myself…it works!!”
– Donna C
“I really think the ultimate immune support system is helping to optimize my body’s immune response. I plan to continue using the product beyond the initial 2 month supply because of the positive changes I’ve noticed.”
– Mommy of 2 Embracing Life
“I was skeptical of this, but I thought it can’t hurt to try, nothing else has worked well, and so far I am absolutely amazed… I am so excited to continue the ultimate immune support system and see where it takes me.”
– Tracy G

“Since starting the immune support sprays, my son has made progress, and it has been approximately one month. It has helped him a lot!”
– Jeano R
“These immune support products have helped so much!”
– Tonya K

“The Ultimate Immune Support products do work. I have been on them since the first week of February so I am only on them a little over 3 months and getting great results.”
– Casandra J
“What a great value! Please keep selling!”
– Penny S
“TOTALLY Works!”
– Jesse C
“The Ultimate Immune Support system has saved my life. I love these products.”
– Casandra J

“I love it! I want to say it so works!! Two and a half weeks I love this immune support system!! I Feel Great!!”
– Karen D

“I take the RNA Immune support and use the [Pure CBD] also. They work!! I was without the poduct for about three weeks before reordering. Worst mistake I made. I will never be without this product again!!”
– Kim H
“This stuff works!!”
– Matt T
“I’m a believer in the ultimate immune support system.”
– Jean M
“I’m on Results RNA Immune Support and feeling so much better.”
– David J
“I’m using this ultimate immune support product and its working well so far…. Feeling better.”
– Sundi S

“Really does work.”
– Carol M
“I love the Immune Support products too. I have been feeling lots better in so many ways! I tell everyone about them because they are asking me how I am doing so much better and looking healthier too.”
– Barbara G
“I started out with three sprays each day and noticed a little difference in how I felt. I upped to six sprays each day last week and I feel better than I have in over two years. Today is my fourth day of feeling great. I will be reordering ultimate immune support. I’m very excited about the results”!
– Karen N

– Robin I
This is my go to product for patients needing immune support.. I highly recommend it.
– Robyn B

“Worth it”
– Colin S
I have been using the system on a regular basis and feel healthier than before, which is icing on the cake for me.
– Jenny D
– Peter J
– Salman A

“Really helps!!!”
– Jodi Y

“This is an excellent product!”
– Dave S
“This immune support system is wonderful. Makes me feel great.”
– Gene S
“I love Results RNA! The Ultimate Immune Support System has really and truthfully helped me a lot as well!!! I’m grateful! Will be a customer for life!! Or as long as I need it!”
– Brittney L
“This combo of Sprays helps my Husband Todd….he is a true believer that it saved him.”
– Melinda P

“The Ultimate Immune Support is the only thing that helped me!”
– Teresa L
“I like the combination and synergy of products in this kit. They work well together easily and effectively.”
– Rachel T
“I realized the Ultimate Immune Support seemed to be working way better than I expected. I would have been very happy to get back to 80% better and I now feel 150% better. I can now work 8-10 hours per day, I feel so good. I’m staying on the Ultimate Immune Support as it seems to be the first time something is working. It has been almost 2 months now and all is going so good.”
– Rich K
“This stuff works amazingly well”
– Shawn A

“I’ved been using the Ultimate Immune Support System for a couple months. When I use it I feel great , if I forget, I don’t feel as good. Overall, more energy when I use it!”
– Brent M
“Simple to use.”
– Kirsten R

“I have been using the Immune Support kit for almost 2 years! Amazing results!”
– Jessie S
“Thank you Results RNA! So happy to feel happy!”
– Rich R
“The Ultimate Immune Support System sprays have changed my life!”
– Trinity G
“Absolutely nothing like these products!”
– Jesse C

“For anyone questioning…BUY IT!”
– Dunn N

“Results RNA is the easiest program I’ve ever come across. I noticed a difference in just days. Love it!”
– Miriam M



Achieve total body detoxification, immune boost, reduced oxidative stress, neurological & cellular regeneration with our most powerful system yet. Take daily for extraordinary results. Just spray, swish & swallow.

Support Your Immune System

A compromised immune system can result in weakened defense against pathogens with consequences of poor health. Whereas a supported immune system is key to regaining and retaining strength, energy and optimal health.

Ultimate Immune Support System Extra Strength

The Ultimate Immune Support System optimizes the body’s natural immune response, a healthy inflammatory response and the ability to neutralize oxidative stress.

All products are:

Gluten free
Dairy free

ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength

• Provides powerful immune system support. *
• Advanced Cellular Silver provides 200 parts per million (PPM) 99.99% pure silver colloid solution, proven one million times more effective than other silver brands.

ACZ Nano Zeolite Extra Strength

• Supports effective, daily detoxification*
• ACZ Nano Zeolite Extra Strength (combined with ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength) has been shown in multiple case studies to effectively increase urinary output of toxins.

ACG Glutathione Extra Strength

• Supports neutralization of free radicals and reduction of oxidative stress*
• The most important antioxidant, ACG Glutathione supports healthy detoxification and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. *

ACN Neuro Extra Strength

• Supports healthy neurological function;
• increased focus, concentration and mental alertness. *

  • Item number
  • 5000-2
  • 5000-4
  • Dosage form
  • Intra-oral Spray
  • 5000-4
  • Available sizes
  • 2 FL OZ / 60 ML
  • 4 FL OZ / 120 ML
  • Serving size
  • 12 sprays by mouth twice daily
  • 5000-4

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While optimal dosage may vary based on the individual, we recommend beginning with the standard dose of 6 sprays of each formula/twice daily and gradually increasing to the higher dose of 12 sprays of each formula/twice daily.

The Ultimate Immune Support System Extra Strength formulas work synergistically and should be taken together. Take each formula individually by mouth one right after the other. Formulas can be taken 2 – 3 times daily. For optimal results, we recommend not eating or drinking for 2 minutes after taking the formulas. Take the sprays daily to achieve optimal health.


ACS 200 Extra Strength
Ultra-Pure Deionized Water, Advanced Cellular Silver (Elemental) 200 Parts Per Million.

ACG Glutathione Extra Strength
Ultra-Pure Deionized Water, S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC), Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Glutathione Tripeptides (Reduced), Lipoic Acid (R-Fraction), TMG (trimethylglycine).
Other Ingredients: Organic Peppermint (leaves) (Mentha x piperita), Ag

ACN Neuro Extra Strength
Ultra-Pure Deionized Water, Alpha-glycerophosphocholine (Alpha-GPC), CDP-choline (citicholine), Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) (leaf), Curcumin (rhizomes) C3 Complex® (Turmeric extract standardized to 95% Curcuminoids), Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) (leaf), L-Theanine, Ginseng (Panax ginseng) (root), Sage (Salvia officinalis) (leaf).
Other Ingredients: Organic Peppermint (leaves) (Mentha x piperita), Ag

ACZ Nano Extra Strength
Ultra-Pure Deionized Water, Activated Sub-micronized Clinoptilolite Zeolite.
Other Ingredients: Ag

* % Daily value not established

Advanced Cellular Technology

• Advanced Cellular Technology – delivers the power of each ingredient in the most effective manner; promotes rapid absorption
• Absence of side effects – no GI discomfort
• Intra-oral spray delivery – high patient compliance
• Maintenance application – can be taken daily for prophylaxis and support

Purity and Quality Guaranteed


Ultimate Immune Support System Extra Strength is produced under strict cGMP FDA guidelines for the manufacturing of dietary supplements. For purity and quality, Ultimate Lyme Support System Extra Strength contains no preservatives • no alcohol • no artificial coloring. For customer support, please call 1 888 823 3869.

How Do I Purchase These Products?

Results RNA distributes their products through licensed, health care practitioners. If you are currently seeing an Integrative Medical Practitioner, we urge you to recommend incorporating these products into their clinical practice on your behalf. You may also contact us by phone to place your order: 1 888 823 3869

To become a participating practitioner, please register here.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.