ACS NASAL Extra Strength

ACS Nasal is the most effective nasal wash available.
Daily use clears nasal passages helping you breathe deeply, day & night.
Enjoy in a convenient 3-bottle system or as a single-bottle unit.

ACS Nasal Extra Strength 3-bottle / 3 oz System


“I used this 3 times the first day and helped me to breathe more freely for the first time in a week.”
– Mary S

“I started using ACS Nasal from the recommendation of my integrated medicine doctor. After just about 3 days of using it twice daily, my nasal passages started to clear and the related discomfort was gone.”
– Patricia S

“Love this for air travel! I usually have issues after long flights – this keeps me feeling good!”
– Henry P
5 stars rating
“I’ve suffered from persistent nasal issues for the longest time, and this is the only spray that has helped! I haven’t had to take more extreme measures in months since using this. It helped clear up a pesky scab I would get in my nose. I was able to get all the thick mucus out that was deep in my sinuses that wouldn’t drain on its own. I wish I found this sooner!!!”
– Michelle
5 stars rating
“Use it before bed and slept much better.”
– Rhonda
5 stars rating
“Amazing product!”
– Fahad

“Really like the spray! I can breath more freely. My nose is happy and I’m happy!”
– Evka

“This seems to stop a cold early-on.”
– Sunshine
5 stars rating
“Good product”
– Hussain

This product is great! Will never be without it!
– Rebecca R

“This spray is fantastic.”
– Stephen P

“This product is great! Will never be without it!”
– Rebecca R
5 stars rating
“Fast shipping, just what I needed”
– Jerry B
5 stars rating
“Excellent product.”
– Richard C

“This is a good product.”
– Frank D
5 stars rating
“I use both the ACS Nasal and ACS 200 products and love them. The nasal spray has helped with my stuffy nose and sleep.”
– Debbie T

“This nasal spray is a great, great product.”
– Laurie B
5 stars rating
“As promised. Thank you.”
– Carolyn R

“Very good product!”
– Terry T

– Callie C

“ACS nasal does the job and has lasted long!”
– Sarah H

“Love this silver, we’ve used it for only 3 days but immediately both Hubby and myself have experienced a deeper breathing. Funny but we didn’t have a clue our breathing was shallow until using the acs nasal spray.”
– Debra P
5 stars rating
“I highly recommend ACS!”
– Susan R

“I highly HIGHLY! recommend colloidal silver spray..ACS Silver has worked very well for me with no side effects!’s been a difference-maker in my home.”
– Lisa B

“Great product!”
– Whitney Y
5 stars rating
“This stuff works!”
– Arnold J

“Got ACS Nasal and found it to be very helpful when used regularly. You can also use it as much as you want. Came quickly and I am very happy with this!”
– Cheryl K

“This product has made a difference – it works.”
– Jackson A

“Used all of it.. loved it!”
– Ivan B

“I’ve been using acs silver for years and am convinced it’s helped me to stay healthy.”
– Stephen T

“ACS Nasal helps to keep my nose clear and even helped my Mom in a similar way.”
– Jacqueline V

– Tim H

“Fantastic product, works well!”
– Tracy G

“ACS Nasal definitely helped with my stuffy nose and breathing more clearly.”
– Zach O
5 stars rating
“It is great nose spray”
– Luna A
5 stars rating
“It just works!”
– Aaron S

“ACS nasal lasts a while and is easy to use.”
– Stef N
5 stars rating
“ACS Nasal is such a great product – I try to always have it on hand.”
– Ashley P

“Fantastic product”
-Barbara D

“No one should be without this”
– Marcella D
5 stars rating
“This is my second bottle now and i’m lovin’ it”
– Bella B

“Very good product!”
– Max Y

“Just started! Noticed a little difference after a few times!”
– Patti F
5 stars rating
“The product does what it says!”
– Linda Z.

“Very good”
– Brittany F
5 stars rating
“ACS Nasal is great! On my 2nd bottle and will continue to use it and re-buy”
– Candy W
5 stars rating
“Like it very much. I feel like it’s making a difference.”
– Jeff A

“This a fabulous product!”
– Fran L