Extra Strength

An extraordinarily soothing & skin rejuvenating clear topical gel with active ingredients Advanced Cellular Silver & Advanced Cellular Glutathione. Advanced spa and daily use ACS Silver-Glutathione Gel soothes and speeds dermal rejuvenation on face and body.

2 oz – $9.99
4 oz – $14.99
8 oz – $24.99

2 oz – $9.99
4 oz – $14.99
8 oz – $24.99

An extraordinarily soothing & skin rejuvenating clear topical gel with active ingredients Advanced Cellular Silver & Advanced Cellular Glutathione. Apply daily to face & body.


– “This ACS 200 Silver gel is powerful, it gets the job done. This company is probably “Top Dog” as far as making colloidal silver products.”
– Darcy D

“Amazing for supporting healthy skin. I have been using this wonderful product for many years. It truly soothes the skin.”
– Stephanie P

“Wow! This ACS 200 Silver gel really helps small cuts and abrasions. Very impressed.”
– Terri K
5-stars-ratingGood product!”
– Bren
5-stars-ratingACS Silver Gel is a Godsend for sure. My skin has been struggling and I’ve tried so many products over that last 2 years and nothing has helped until now. Within a week, I saw an 80% difference. Magic. I really recommend trying this for your skin. I’m so happy to have found this miracle silver gel. I will always have it on hand.”
– Maria C
5-stars-ratingHappy surprise! I bought this with little hope for succes and it’s early in the process. I’m about two weeks in to applying this product twice daily and my skin is the clearest it has been in 12 years. In my opinion, for my particular problem, it seems well worth the money!”
– Online Customer
5-stars-ratingGreat topical gel. I use it on my dog and I have used it as a deodorant. It works better than any natural kind I have ever tried, and I have tried many.”
– Barb
5-stars-ratingPotent! I use it on my toes and anywhere on the foot. It is the only product I use, imagine that!”
– Shirley F
5-stars-ratingOne of the best products I’ve ever used!! I have been searching for a product like this and have tried many different products from Amazon. Then I stumbled upon this truly life-saving RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel, and I couldn’t believe my good fortune. An answer to prayer! I LITERALLY used it for one single night and the difference it made was INCREDIBLE! I do not exaggerate with leaving reviews, so please understand that this fel did the trick. ACS 200 Silver Gel, I will NEVER, EVER be without it again. One of the BEST products that I have ever used for my skin and one I will use on a regular basis to maintain clear, healthy skin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
– Blaire S
5-stars-ratingBy far the best skin treatment I have ever used. In many years of trying different creams, silvers, and even making my own essential oils, this is by far the most effective and fast acting skin care product I have ever used. I also tried regular ACS 200 for skin care and this gel is noticeably better and easier to use for skin. Once you apply it, sitting in front of a fan quickly dries it up into a thin layer on the skin. The difference from just one day was very noticeable for me. The gel left in the pump tip (I set it to close after each use) can dry out and turn brown but using a paper clip I easily pulled the dry bits out and it’s like new. I wish I would have had this back in the day. Regardless, it is a Godsend.”
– Cody
5-stars-ratingWorked great for me. I am a senior citizen that has had skin problems on my upper shoulders for several years. I have tried many topicals without success. I just about gave up and decided to live with it. In my chiropractors office, of all places, I saw an ad for a silver solution to help with my skin problems. I decided to do some research. I found that a cream I still had was prescribed by a dermatologist contained an organic silver compound. Then I went online to research available products. There were many but ACS 200 caught my eye with its claims, reasonable price, and the easy ability to apply to a large area. Within a few days, my skin problems stopped. I am now on my second 8 oz. bottle with a third sitting on the deck. It is going to take many months for the skin problems to fully disappear but if progress continues, I should eventually return to fully clear skin. For my need, this is a great product.”
– Gary
5-stars-ratingAmazingly effective. It was very effective for my skin.”
– Reg N
5-stars-ratingI use this as a deodorant. One drop under each arm pit will help. I used a pleasant smelling deodorant on top and have never had body odor issues.”
– Tom D
5-stars-ratingA great form of Colloidal Silver! A great product for the skin.”
– Michael T
5-stars-ratingYou need to have this product in your house. It is amazing for your skin. Overall, excellent product.”
– Ahmed T