About Us

The New Age in Supplementation

At Results RNA, our mission is to help people live a happier, healthier life by providing
superior health formulas that get RESULTS.

Simple to take and with powerful effect, liquid-based formulations cleanse the body of damaging toxins, boost the immune system, and replenish vital nutrients; healing and rejuvenating your living cells, helping you feel better, have more energy and endurance, to sleep better, achieve your health goals and to live a better life.

Understanding the causes of poor health and how to maintain vibrant health has been our mission for decades. Vast research led to the creation of Advanced Cellular Technology Intra-oral Sprays, providing effective solutions for many significant health issues of our day.

Results RNA Intra-oral Sprays and drinks transcend the efficacy of traditional supplements, so it is no wonder they are some of the most highly touted, practitioner recommended health supplements in the world.

Over 1,000 Positive Reviews & Counting

“These products HANDS DOWN changed the course of our family’s life. I will never know how to thank this company enough!”

– Connie B

Spray and Swish To

  • Cleanse the body of damaging toxins
  • Boost the immune system
  • Replenish vital nutrients
  • Rejuvenate living cells
  • Increase energy and endurance
  • Encourage better sleep
  • Achieve your health goals
  • Live a better life

Say Goodbye to Capsules and Pills.

 Traditional capsules and pills are difficult to swallow and lose many vital nutrients during digestion. Intra-oral spray delivery allows for:

  • Greater amount of nutrients being delivered to the cells
  • Dosing Flexibility. Easily choose how much you drink or spray
  • Natural, vegan ingredients
  • Great Taste
  • Increased convenience
  • No GI discomfort
  • No use of unwanted binders, fillers, or preservatives

Feel better. Live Happier. Be Healthier.

With over 20 formulas, excellent health is only a few sprays away. Elevate your health today.

Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system works hard to keep you healthy. Daily use of the Ultimate Immune Support System helps achieve:

  • Enhanced immune support
  • Total body detoxification
  • Reduced oxidative stress
  • Improved neurological and cellular regeneration

Liquid Supplementation

Instead of relying on digestion, an Intra-oral Spray is more rapidly absorbed. Advanced Cellular technology makes our formulas more bioavailable with increased efficacy.

A Supplement Company You Can Trust

At Results RNA, we prioritize clean in-house manufacturing processes, thorough testing, ethical sourcing, high quality natural ingredients, strict purity standards, and innovative delivery methods.

Twenty Years in the Making

“By the time I was three or four years old, I remember waking up many times in an oxygen tent in the hospital. I had life threatening asthma and allergy attacks, and these conditions stayed with me. I knew by my late twenties that if I did not improve my health in big ways, my life and health would deteriorate quickly. That is when significant research began.” –  David Larson, Founder and CEO

Backed By Science

Results RNA formulas are steeped in over 20 years of research and development. We have developed over 25 unique formulas, all created with your health in mind.

Recommended by Physicians Across the Globe

“If you are a practitioner looking for a convenient and comprehensive regimen for overall health and well-being, I strongly encourage you to try Results RNA’s Ultimate Immune Support System.”


The Foundation of Superior Health

Regardless of your current health, detoxing is absolutely essential. Environmental toxins accumulate over time, causing significant health issues. The solution is total body detoxification.

The Ultimate Body Detox System frees the body of toxins, boosting energy levels and replenishing vital nutrients.