RESULTS RNA Customer Reviews

Over 500 positive reviews and counting

“ACS Nasal seems to help keep my nasal passage clear. I used to wake up stuffy and decided to use this as soon as I woke up. I haven’t used it in a while and do not need to use it everyday, but if I notice stuffiness when I wake up, I do one spray and notice a difference.”
– Chris L
– Paul T
“Great staple product!”
– Gwen B
“Fantastic product, works well!”
– Tracy G
“I feel better.”
– Jimmy R
“I’m so happy I found ACS 200 Extra Strength. I can’t thank you enough!”
– Saloumeh R
“Wonderful product! I’m buying more!”
– Carl A
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Like it! We both use it every day.”
– Polly
“Love the silver. Sprayed it and noticed a difference. Big fan of ACS 200 silver as it is what has helped for 3 years.
– Nannette H
“ACS Nasal definitely helped with my stuffy nose and breathing more clearly.”
– Zach O
“ACS 200 Extra Strength was recommended to me by my healthcare worker and I’m feeling much better. It lasts a long time.”
– Melanie K

“Fantastic product.”
– Barbara D
“I’m really thankful I found this product!!”
– Elaine S
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Great supplement. Seems to help support my immune system.”
– Jan G
“Arrived in good condition.”
– Donnie S
“Great stuff …. love it!!!”
– Cheryl J
“I use this on my face for burns, cuts, scrapes, etc.. I highly recommend ACS 200 Silver gel. The combination of the Silver and Glutathione really works magic!!”
– Jake F
“This stuff works!”
– Arnold J
“I love this stuff!”
– Christine W
“It is a great nose spray”
– Luna A
“I was very pleased with its performance. Thank you!”
– Laura A

“ACS Nasal is great! On my 2nd bottle and will continue to use it and re-buy.”
– Candy W
“Helped with my condition.”
– John T
“Absolutely the best colloidal silver I’ve used. I use ACS 200 silver for my family as well as my dog.”
– Victoria G.
“Very good price. The product is also very good.”
– Fred S
“Good product, fast service.”
– Brent K
“Great product and arrived very quickly.”
– Shelia E
“I’ve been using ACS 200 Silver for years and am convinced it’s helped me to stay healthy.”
– Stephen T
“I recommend ACS 200 Silver to everyone and I can’t say enough for it. I’ll definitely purchase it again.”
– Bob T
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“People chuckle when I tell them about my magic silver, but ACS 200 is truly amazing!”
– Danielle C
“ACS Silver was just amazing for me”
– Tyler A
“Works great as expected. I’ve used ACS 200 on scrapes and cuts. Also take it internally to support my immune system.”
– David G
“I’m taking ACS 200 Silver daily along with ACZ Nano Zeolite for natural detox/immune support. Both these products are excellent.”
– McKinzie S