RESULTS RNA Customer Reviews

Over 500 positive reviews and counting

– Paul T
“Great staple product!”
– Gwen B
“Fantastic product, works well!”
– Tracy G
“I feel better.”
– Jimmy R
“I’m so happy I found ACS 200 Extra Strength on Amazon. I can’t thank you enough!”
– Saloumeh R
“Wonderful product! I’m buying more!”
– Carl A
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“ACS Nasal seems to help keep my nasal passage clear. I used to wake up stuffy and decided to use this as soon as I woke up. I haven’t used it in a while and do not need to use it everyday, but if I notice stuffiness when I wake up, I do one spray and notice a difference.”
– Chris L
“Like it! We both use it every day.”
– Polly
“Love the silver. Sprayed it and noticed a difference. Big fan of ACS 200 silver as it is what has helped for 3 years.
– Nannette H
“ACS Nasal definitely helped with my stuffy nose and breathing more clearly.”
– Zach O
“ACS 200 Extra Strength was recommended to me by my healthcare worker and I’m feeling much better. It lasts a long time.”
– Melanie K
“Fantastic product.”
– Barbara D
“I’m really thankful I found this product!!”
– Elaine S
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Great supplement. Seems to help support my immune system.”
– Jan G
“Arrived in good condition.”
– Donnie S
“Great stuff …. love it!!!”
– Cheryl J
“I use this on my face for burns, cuts, scrapes, etc.. I highly recommend ACS 200 Silver gel. The combination of the Silver and Glutathione really works magic!!”
– Jake F
“This stuff works!”
– Arnold J
“I love this stuff!”
– Christine W
“It is a great nose spray”
– Luna A
“I was very pleased with its performance. Thank you!”
– Laura A
“ACS Nasal is great! On my 2nd bottle and will continue to use it and re-buy.”
– Candy W
“Helped with my cold.”
– John T
“Absolutely the best colloidal silver I’ve used. I use ACS 200 silver for my family as well as my dog.”
– Victoria G.
“Very good price. The product is also very good.”
– Fred S
“Good product, fast service.”
– Brent K
“Great product and arrived very quickly.”
– Shelia E
“I’ve been using ACS 200 Silver for years and am convinced it’s helped me to stay healthy.”
– Stephen T
“I recommend ACS 200 Silver to everyone and I can’t say enough for it. I’ll definitely purchase it again.”
– Bob T
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“People chuckle when I tell them about my magic silver, but ACS 200 is truly amazing!”
– Danielle C
“ACS Silver was just amazing for me”
– Tyler A
“Works great as expected. I’ve used ACS 200 on scrapes and cuts. Also take it internally to support my immune system.”
– David G
“I’m taking ACS 200 Silver daily along with ACZ Nano Zeolite for natural detox/immune support. Both these products are excellent.”
– McKinzie S
“Like it.”
– Rick F
“Great results. Took few months to see results as expected but we see a huge change in our son.”
– Grigor I
“I’m so glad I found RNA C3 Curcumin…it is a miracle in liquid! My dog was having a lot of health issues. Since I started giving him this product he is doing so much better. He is an older dog with joint discomfort and other issues.Thank you so much and I will continue to order!”
– Daniel G
“This is the best colloidal silver on the market and is of the highest quality.”
– Horus C
“My neighbor suggested to keep on hand for minor cuts and burns.”
– Isabella C
“ACS Nasal works better than anything I’ve tried and was recommended by my doctor.”
– Sue T
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Love ACS 200 Silver for my dad. He uses daily.”
– Marie H
“Helped within a few hours. Like to use the oral spray.”
– James R
“I love ACS 200 Silver!”
– Jessica G
“I sprayed ACS 200 Silver in my cats’ water bowls when they weren’t feeling well and they were fine in two days.”
– Nella E
“Excellent product. Needed to start on very low dose (1 spray per day) and build up slowly.”
– Adrain E
“Great product!”
– Susan H
“You’re getting the best colloidal silver on the market!”
– Dhamma O
– Robin I
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“These immune support products have helped so much!”
– Tonya K
“Wouldn’t live without it!! Shared ACS 200 Silver with my sister and she’s a believer in it too – ordered two more bottles…”
– Nancy N
“Thank you! Very happy with the product!”
– Rebeca G
“Great product! I have added ACS 200 Silver to the daily regimen for the whole family.”
– Donald C
“I really count on the results I get from this ACS Nasal spray. Used consistently, it has really helped me with sinus issues.”
– David P
“Great product! Great for cuts and immune system support.”
– Debra B
“EXCELLENT product!”
– Maude G
“I misread the date on the product received and thought I had been sent something that had expired. This was not the case so I am now using the product and so happy to have it!”
– Tracie H
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
– Elliot S
“Very good product”
– Abdulaziz H
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“This product works wonders for skin!”
– Francis F
“Used all of it…loved it!”
– Ivan B
“Best silver on the market!”
– Jeff J
– Phil T
“My son has been using these products for approximately one month. It has helped him a lot!”
– Jeano R
“I love this product. I notice when I forget to use this. I feel so much better when I use ACZ Nano Zeolite, more energy, more grounded.”
– Lanio G
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“ACZ Zeolite is great!”
– Lucy F
“Excellent product.”
– Richard C
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Can’t live without ACS Silver. Works great on my dog’s skin issues.”
– Andrew T
“I like this spray. With this product and nose strips, I sleep better.”
– Tracy S
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
– Ibre T
“I’m really impressed with my overall vitality!”
– Zara T
“I had a doctor recommend ACS 200 Silver to me. I was told that you know this is the right stuff if it is clear. This brand is clear when you look inside the bottle.”
– Rachelle R
“I really like ACS 200 Silver”
– Brandon C
“Good product.”
– Mohammed A
“I have been using the system on a regular basis and feel healthier than before, which is icing on the cake for me.”
– Jenny D
“Hands down the best… I am making my own colloidal silver starting next week, but if that intimidates you then ACS 200 Silver is the only other way to go.”
– Bonnie J
“I felt the difference.”
– Courtney P
“A must have!”
– James A
“Really does work.”
– Carol M
“I love the Immune Support products too. I have been feeling lots better in so many ways! I tell everyone about them because they are asking me how I am doing so much better and looking healthier too.”
– Barbara G
– Raven D
“Good product.”
– Leroy G
“As expected.”
– Jeff S
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“This is the greatest product. When sprayed on a scratch, it seems to work very fast. Wouldn’t be without it!”
– Rose P
“Wow! This ACS 200 Silver gel really helps small cuts and abrasions. Very impressed.”
– Terri K
“It just works!”
– Aaron S
“Great for detox.”
– Kim C
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Sorting colloidal silver products is a daunting exercise. So, finding the ACS brand in simple, clearly stated packaging was a Godsend.”
– Lee Y
“Great product.”
– Rod B
“Great product. Been doing this for years with great results and will continue to use ACS 200.”
– Jennifer V
“So far I am impressed with ACS 200 and feel it will be a daily routine to keep my immune system in balance.”
– Margie C
“This is a wonderful spray. Apply a few sprays in the mouth a few times a day.”
– Maxwell B
“Would buy again!”
– Izzy M
“I tried this brand of colloidal silver based on reviews and it has helped tremendously!! I’ve continued to take ACS 200 Silver both internally and externally and will continue to do so!”
– Angelina S
“Very helpful!”
– Mohamed A
“Works! Love it! Gonna order ACZ Nano Zeolite again when finished.”
– John U
“It is going on three weeks and so far I’m very pleased.”
– Barb T
“ACZ Nano Zeolite has made a difference in supporting my detoxification efforts.”
– John J
“This season has been terrible for my health! ACS 200 Extra Strength seems to support my immune system!!”
– David T
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
– Teresa L