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Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz

“Excellent product! It has worked wonderfully for me, and I most certainly would buy again.”
– Tessa D
“Really works!”
– Whitney W
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Great product for supporting your immune system.”
– Renato R
“Very good product!”
– Terry T
“Just started! Noticed a little difference after a few times!”
– Patti F
“Very fast delivery and competitive prices!! Will order again!”
– Sandy C
“Really helps!!!”
– Jodi Y
“I’ve used ACS 200 Silver to address armpit odors – a couple sprays on them a day and it works!”
– Barry N
“ACS 200 Silver is absolutely amazing. My wife and I see an immediate difference when using this product. It definitely helps support the immune system. We decided that we will never let our supply run out again.”
– David F
“ACS Nasal is such a great product – I try to always have it on hand.”
– Ashley P
“Item was received promptly and as described.”
– Todd R
“Worked like magic. Noticed a difference within 3 days. I used ACS 200 Extra Strength twice a day for a week because I was suffering so much but now just once a day just to make sure.
– Alexander G
“Great product”
– Elijah H
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“This a fabulous product!”
– Fran L
“These work well.”
– Samantha C
“I keep ACS 200 Silver in my house for all kinds of things. It also helps with discomfort from burns.”
– Cheri K
“I ordered ACS 200 Silver for my mom who has been dealing with dry, irritated skin on both hands. After several weeks of usage of this product TOPICALLY, the issues with her hands are almost gone.”
– Mary N
“Great product!”
– Whitney Y
– Callie F
“This moistens my skin quickly and helps with the scales on my rough skin.”
– Gwynn M
“I’m using it as a deodorant! Trust me, this is the best deodorant ever!”
– Majed K
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“I use ACS 200 Silver for immune support when I travel.”
– Shaun B
“I started using ACS Nasal from the recommendation of my integrated medicine doctor. After just about 3 days of using it twice daily, my nasal passages started to clear and the related discomfort was gone.”
– Patricia S
“I came across Results RNA’s Cellular Silver, and I am finding it to be very helpful!”
– Pamela D
“I am very impressed with how much ACS 200 Silver has helped me. I’m already on my second bottle.”
– Mary W
“I have only used this for 5 days but already notice a difference!”
– Robert T
– Brenda W
“ACS 200 is a very good product!”
– Joey P
“We use ACS 200 Silver during specific seasons for immune support. We also use it to support healthy skin for ourselves and our dog.”
– Cheri K
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“I am very pleased with the results I am having with this product.”
– Shelly B
“Good product.”
– Thomas B
“This is a wonderful product for all our family to use. There are three of us that use ACS 200 Silver.”
– Geraldine G
“Good immune support and safe to use as a nasal wash for winter.”
– Ellen J
– Barb F
“After using this for 2 weeks I have much more energy.”
– Zara T
“A friend applied some ACS 200 to a burn I had on my hand and by the next day, it was already looking and feeling much better. So I ordered this to always keep on hand.”
– Jared T
“ACS Nasal helps to keep my nose clear and even helped my Mom in a similar way.”
– Jacqueline V
“Really love this works well price was good.”
– Kelly T
“Prompt service, exceptional product! I have tried other brands, and ACS 200 Silver is top notch!”
– Diane S
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Worked very well for me!”
– Nikki D
“Very good product!”
– Rich V
“This is a very absorbable form of cellular silver and it’s very beneficial in maintaining optimal health. Here are a few ways you could use ACS 200 Silver for self care. You can spray it on topically. You can put some ACS 200 Silver in a nebulizer and breathe it in. Small amounts taken daily can help the immune system.This has help me and my family in soooo many ways. This is a must-have that should be in everybody household. Please purchase this supplement.”
– Seth J
“I purchased ACS Nasal for my wife’s sinus issues. She used it with an ultrasonic nebulizer to try to deliver the product as direct as possible. After 2 doses about 3 hours apart, she started to feel better. A third dose before bed – this time both oral and with the nebulizer – and by morning she saw significant progress. Very impressed with the product.”
– Jennifer G
“Like it very much. I feel like it’s making a difference.”
– Jeff A
“Good stuff.”
– Dustin H
“I have used silver. That is the difference here. For over a year I have used silver and it is amazing! I have used silver for over a year after many years of trouble. Silver is a miracle for me. There is no saline in this product that I could find. I have used silver for numerous things and this product is amazing!”
– Vickie C
“This stuff is the best! Stay healthy! ”
– Ray R
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Muy bueno!
– Rosi H
“Thank you. Good luck.”
– Ami W
“Easy to use.”
– Chad H
“This stuff is legit! Highly recommended.”
– Sara S
“Amazing for supporting healthy skin.I have been using this wonderful product for many years. It truly soothes the skin.”
– Stephanie P
“Excellent product.”
– Roger S
“I use this on little boo boos on my pets (especially my cat, since he refuses to stop fighting even though he’s been neutered). It’s a gel, so it stays on well. And it doesn’t sting.”
– Kathy N
“I really recommend this product!”
– Ewa G
“I’ve been using colloidal silver for years but I needed something stronger. This was the strongest I could find.”
– Lucas R
“I am using this as part of my detox support protocol and it has been a great help. I know it works because I can feel the difference. I have taken the powder form as well but it actually aggravated my stomach and this product does not. My Naturopath recommended this brand and I have been using it since.”
– Teresa L
“Beautiful, effective product.”
– Erica M
– Aaron C
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Quick and easy, and without any unwanted effects. Yay!”
– Lisa S
“Amazing product!”
– Fahad A
“Great stuff, helps to keep my face clear and is part of my daily routine.”
– Patricia R
“So simple. No taste at all. I see a difference in just one week!”
– Kirk D
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“I’ve been using zeolites for years–from other manufacturers. This product is for detoxification. It works very well and has no taste. I don’t like how much I have to shake it before I use it.”
– Helen N
“Excellent product and value.”
– Bob F
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“I noticed improvements over 2 months and will definitely continue using.”
– Anna V
“A little goes a long way.”
– Harry H
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
– Roxy F
“Detoxing is easy with this. Really like it.”
– Debra M
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Great to have on hand, have taken this when I lived in CA, and if you know the history very interesting, and yes it’s great to have and take”
– Sylvia P
“This spray is so useful for any skin or orifice irritation me and my family have had. It is so amazing to get relief immediately and we keep finding new uses all the time.”
– Katie R
“Really transformative experience! Wonderful quality. Highly recommend. This is an amazing product!”
– Dimitra T
“I like it. It’s amazing.”
– Amna S
“Great product.”
– Kent M
“I love ACS 200 Silver. It has made a real difference in my life.”
– Cassandra J
“This is a nice gel, and just a little dab covers a lot of terrain, and is inexpensive to use. The gel format is also soothing to the skin. And as an added bonus, if you’re not a fan of deodorants, this stuff may be just the thing for you! It doesn’t stop wetness, of course, but it does wipe out the odor.”
– Erica S
“I like because it had no taste.”
– Diana M
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“Happy it helped topically. Reasonable price. Easy to use. Taste is metallic.”
– Laura SN
“I highly recommend this product and all others offered by ResultsRNA. Their products do exactly as stated, and more.”
– Karen S
“I put this on topically as a precaution.”
– Courtney C
“Really like the spray! I can breath more freely. My nose is happy and I’m happy!”
– Evka K
I have been using ACS 200 Silver for about 3 or more years, and I can honestly say that I have never felt better. A terrific product, highly recommend it and will probably never stop taking it.
– Roxann E
– Paola A
“Wow! I use to work at Nordstrom selling very expensive face creams and serums. I’ve tried moisturizers that claim to improve everything to help your skin care needs from A to Z. This colloidal silver gel is the secret to amazing skin support! I’m in awe of how something so simple and affordable is my new best friend to support the health of my skin.”
– Rachel P
“You have to use to see how really great this product is.”
– Auntie B
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“For anyone questioning…BUY IT!”
– Dunn N
“Results RNA is the easiest program I’ve ever come across. I noticed a difference in just days. Love it!”
– Miriam M
“Recommended by my holistic doctor. Awesome product!”
– Norma B
– Aqila B
“I used this 3 times the first day and helped me to breathe more freely for the first time in a week.”
– Mary S
“I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t getting better. Used this in the evening and in the morning, I was so much better.”
– Henri M
“I use this every day! The product really works! I’ve gotten several family members using ACS 200 as well!!
– Ashley P
“Works well. Great stuff!”
– Kay
“This spray is fantastic.”
– Stephen P
“Amazing.. amazing.. amazing”
– Fahad A
“Best stuff ever. Everyone should try it!”
– Tammy K
“Have been using this Results RNA product successfully for years!”
– Suzanne C
Results RNA ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength 2oz 4oz
“This seems to help.”
– Sunshine