ACS 200 SILVER Extra Strength

“You guys have the best silver. I have tested ACS 200 Silver head to head against other silvers, and you guys always win. Amazing really.”
– Ryan S
“I have used ACS 200 Silver for about 2 1/2 years and it is as important to me as anything I do to maintain my health.”
– Michael M
“This helped my wife to feel better in a couple days. Really great stuff… After a few months, she tried another product that had far less silver parts per million in it . When she made the switch, she didn’t feel well again.When she reverted back to the ACS 200, she started to feel better again.”
– Adam S
“I’ve been using this every day! It’s giving me peace of mind.”
– Austi S
“Love how easy this is to incorporate into my daily life! So thankful to not have another pill to swallow!”
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“Good stuff! Saved my life.”
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“Thank you! My family has used Results RNA (acs200) faithfully since about 2007 and would be lost without it.”
– Michelle A
“I have used ACS 200 Silver for about 2 1/2 years and it is as important to me as anything I do to maintain my health.”
– Michael M
I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t getting better. Used this in the evening and the morning I was so much better.
– Henri P. M.
This is the only form of colloidal silver that I trust for internal use.
– Ruth
I use this every day! The product really works! I’ve gotten several family members using ACS200 as well!!
Amazon Customer
Works well. Great stuff!
– Kay
ACS 200 Silver is #1! Thank you for a healthy year!
– Glen M.
I’ve been using these products for a long time and they have definitely been a life changer!
– Cassandra J.
It works.
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“ACS 200 is a treasure. ACS 200 is working very good over the last 4 months.”
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“You guys have the best silver, I have tested ACS 200 head to head against other silvers and you guys always win. Amazing really.”
– Ryan S
“No one should be without acs silver.”
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“I swear by ACS 200 Silver.”
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“This is good stuff.”
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“I love it, an wouldn’t be without doctor told me bout ACS 200 silver right before he retired.”
– Connie L
“Love ACS 200 for my dad. He uses daily.”
– Marie H
“Good product.”
– Mohammed A
Your ACS 200 is awesome!
– Glen M.
“Perfect product to support immune system.”
– John R
“I take ACS 200 orally and spray it on topically to support skin health and it has really been a big help to me. I also ordered more product by the same company from I recommend all of their products.”
– Melanie G
“I have used ACS 200 Silver for about 2 1/2 years and it is as important to me as anything I do to maintain my health.”
– Michael M
“Big fan of ACS 200 silver as it has helped to support my immune system and overall well being.”
– Nannette H
“I tried this brand of colloidal silver based on reviews and it has helped tremendously!! I’ve continued to take ACS 200 Silver both internally and externally and will continue to do so!”
– Angelina S
“I used ACS 200 Extra Strength twice a day for a week and now just once a day to support my immune system and overall health.”
– Alexander G
“My family uses ACS 200 Silver daily and is very pleased with it!”
– Tracy H
“Very easy to take when traveling for immune support.”
– Judith G
“ACS silver is a very easy-to-take, pleasant tasting silver product.”
– Mona F
“Wouldn’t live without it!! Shared acs 200 with my sister and she’s a believer in it too – ordered two more bottles…”
– Nancy N
“Seriously do yourself a favor and get ACS 200 Silver!”
– Yvonne S
“This is a wonderful product for all our family to use. There are three of us that use it. it is ACS 200 Extra Strength”
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“Great product for supporting your immune system.”
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“very good price, the product also very good.”
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“will order ACS 200 again and the spray “sprays” well… and did not clog or stop working…. contents worked well.”
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“Great product ”
– Susan G
“ACS works amazingly well!!”
– Shawn A
“This is an excellent silver product and is very beneficial in maintaining optimal health. There are many potential ways to use ACS 200 Silver to support the immune system and overall health Intra-oral spray for immune support and topically for cuts, scrapes, burns, dry skin and more. .This product has helped me and my family in so many ways in maintaining overall health..This is a must have product that should be in everyone’s household.”
– Seth J
“I like to use the ACS oral spray to help support my immune system and overall well being.”
– James R
“Love it!”
– Adel D
“I have been using the ACS 200 for over a year now, and will never leave it. It works 100% of the time, all the time. Don’t be fooled by all the rest, get the best. Keep up the good fight guys.”
– Bob W
“A must have!”
– James A
“I love ACS 200 Silver!”
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“This is the greatest product. When sprayed on a scratch it seems to work very fast. Wouldn’t be without it!”
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“People chuckle when I tell them about my magic silver, but acs 200 is truly amazing!”
– Danielle C
“The whole Results RNA Ultimate Immune Support system has truly helped me!”
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“Useful for daily immune support.”
– Stephanie P
“I have tried many other brands and nothing holds a candle to this amazing product. I’m very grateful to have found ACS 200!”
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“There are heaps of people who are huge fans of ACS 200 Extra Strength. I’m already on my second bottle.”
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“I use the ACS 200 Extra Strength Colloidal spray but have bought the ACS Nasal spray also. My son used the RNA Silver nasal spray ONCE and helped him to breathe more freely.”
– Matt F
“You’re getting the best colloidal silver on the market!”
– Dhamma O
“I started using ACS 200 Extra Strength three weeks ago and never had felt better. More energy and I’m breathing more freely. I’m going to reorder and get one also for my husband I use 10 sprays twice a day under my tongue. Very very happy with this product.”
– Tim W
“Seems that it works. I’m now on 2 sprays twice a day with ACS 200 Silver and will continue based on progress I’ve seen.”
– Barbara J
“We have used ACS 200 Extra Strength for three years and believe in having it on hand.”
– John L
“I started using ACS 200 Silver orally as recommended, and also put some in a nebulizer and I noticed a difference! I think this really helped.”
– Ethan A
“I recommend ACS 200 Silver to everyone and I can’t say enough for it. I’ll definitely purchase it again.”
– Bob T
“I highly recommend ACS silver!”
– Tim B
“An important part of my daily regimen and will continue to use!”
– Mia F
“I came across Results RNA’s Cellular Silver, and I am finding it to be very helpful!”
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“Great packaging and good quality container! Super easy to use and doesn’t taste bad. So far, so good!”
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“ACS 200 Silver is amazing! This company has fantastic products. Results RNA – there is no comparison for this company, hands down best stuff ever.! Thanks Results RNA, great job!”
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“Great product.. Been doing this for years with great results and will continue to use ACS 200.”
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“I’m very grateful for finding Results RNA and hope it will spread to more and more countries.”
– Filip W
“ACS 200 Extra Strength was recommended to me by my healthcare worker and I’m feeling much better. It lasts a long time.”
– Melanie K
Super good stuff!! will always keep a supply of ACS 200 on hand.
– Dory F
“This ACS 200 spray really seemed to support my immune system and I started to feel better within a couple days!”
– Wesley S
“I use ACS for immune support when I travel.”
– Shaun B
“Great product. Helped my 2 kids feel better and noticed a difference within a few days.”
– Carrie H
“We purchased ACS 200 Extra Strength to support our immune system. A few sprays in your mouth, then swallow.”
– Ali M
“I suggested to my family members who weren’t feeling well that they take some ACS 200 Silver, then later, asked how they felt and they both said that they noticed a difference. I swear by colloidal silver now. . . . Now, this brand is very potent. I do recommend it.”
– Sonia A
“This is a wonderful spray which you would use to help support your immune system and overall health. Just a few sprays in the mouth a few times a day.”
– Maxwell B
“Best silver on the market!”
– Jeff J
“ACS 200 is amazing and keep it with me at all times! No unpleasant smell and well worth the price.”
– Mark H
“I was very pleased with its performance. Thank You!”
– Laura A
“Helped in dealing with too much time in the sun. ACS was also helpful with my dog’s skin problem.”
– Peter B
“ACS 200 Extra Strength seems to help my immune system while others around aren’t feeling well!”
– David T
“I keep ACS 200 in my house for all kinds of things, found also it helps with discomfort from burns.”
– Cheri K
“I am so happy to report that just after about a week of using this product my eyelid issue (itchy, dry) has decreased considerably and getting better as each day goes by. I would, and will, recommend this product to anyone who has the eyelid issue that I have. I feel I have found the a product to help manage it, plus the the added value of ACS 200 for use topically on on cuts and a myriad of other things.”
– Diane C
“It works! Great for supporting your immune system if you’re around people who aren’t feeling well.”
– Amy G
“Works well. Good silver content”
– Ron R
“ACS 200 is a very good product!”
– Joey P
“Excellent product and simple, easy to use spray bottle.”
– Devin K
“ACS 200 is the best colloidal silver to have”
– Mark L
“Great supplement for immune support.”
– Jan G
“Can’t live without acs silver. Works great on my dog’s skin issues.”
– Andrew T
“LOVE this stuff! My main uses for ACS 200 is for one of my dogs and I also use it at intervals throughout the year as an ‘ounce of prevention’ to support my immune response. I’d say the stuff is solid gold. . .but it’s silver!”
– Brad K
“My neighbor suggested and keep on hand for minor cuts and burns.”
– Isabella C
“Used acs 200 to support my immune system when I wasn’t feeling well – really seemed to help.”
– Fred B
“Have had an itchy spot on my back for months. I sprayed ACS 200 on it and it stopped.. Ahhh..”
– Fredrick A
“This seems to work for immune support. Have been buying ACS silver for three years now”
– Carolyn P
“Great used it already for cuts”
– Tammy L
“Works great as expected. I’ve used ACS 200 on scrapes and cuts . Also take it internally to support my immune system.”
– David G
“I think the ACS provides good support for my immune system.”
– William Z
“It is going on three weeks and so far I’m very pleased.”
– Barb T
“So far I am impressed with ACS 200 and feel it will be a daily routine to keep my immune system in balance.”
– Margie C
“I sprayed ACS 200 Silver in my cats’ water bowls when they weren’t feeling well and they were fine in two days.”
– Nella E
“I had a doctor recommend ACS 200 to me. I was told that you know this is the right stuff if it is clear. This brand is clear when you look inside the bottle.”
– Rachelle R
“Recommended by my integrated physician. I also added ACS 200 to my dogs water bowl which he loves. Will buy this product again.”
– Charlee F
“I ordered ACS 200 for my mom who has been dealing dry, irritated skin on both hands. After several weeks of usage of this product TOPICALLY, the issues with her hands are almost gone.”
– Mary N
“Sorting among all of the colloidal silver products is a daunting exercise. So, finding the ACS brand in simple, clearly stated packaging was a Godsend.”
– Lee Y
“Great product! I have added ACS 200 to the daily regimen for the whole family.”
– Donald C
“I am very impressed with how much ACS 200 has helped me. I’m already on my second bottle.”
– Mary W
“A friend applied some ACS 200 to a burn I had on my hand and by the next day it was already looking and feeling much better. So I ordered this to always keep on hand.”
– Jared T
“ACS 200 is just amazing! In less than two months my son is making progress! God bless you!!!!”
– Delia I
“Sorting colloidal silver products is a daunting exercise. So, finding the ACS brand in simple, clearly stated packaging was a Godsend.”
– Lee Y
“It really works. I will stay on a maintainable dose of ACS 200 for the rest of my life. Thank you to all of the brilliant scientist who invented this pure form of silver.”
– Rita B
“I use acs 200 on myself and my dogs!”
– Lynda B