ACS 200 SILVER Extra Strength

Over 400 Positive Reviews and Counting

“I misread the date on the product received and thought I had been sent something that had expired. This was not the case so I am now using the product and so happy to have it!”
– Tracie H
“Works great. Very effective.”
– Debbie E
“Great staple product!”
– Gwen B
“Hands down the best… I am making my own colloidal silver starting next week, but if that intimidates you then ACS 200 Silver is the only other way to go.”
– Bonnie J
“The BEST Silver Spray… I always have some in my house.”
– Nicole P
“I’ve been using ACS 200 Silver for 2 years now. Nothing compares to it. Nothing.”
– Bob W
“My health coordinator has had me on ACS 200 Silver for years. Fantastic!!!”
– Sandie N
“This spray ACS 200 is amazing. It works!!”
– Jennifer P
“ACS 200 Silver is far more superior in my experience! I have had many types of colloidal… Homemade and otherwise!”
– Sundi S
“The ACS 200 Silver was instrumental in getting me back to functional status.”
– Ed W
“Love Results RNA ACS 200 Silver!!”
– Beverly H
“Sprays are great! I’ve also used the gel topically on scratches!”
– Lenor R
“I will always get more as soon as I am running out.”
– Dorys F
“Perfect product to support immune system. Helped me a lot.”
– Kacey M
“I use ACS 200 Silver for EVERYTHING. I’m convinced it helps with immune support. I use it topically, as well as orally. Google it. There are heaps of people who are huge fans of this spray. I’m already on my second bottle.”
– Jessica P
“It’s a fanastic products!!! I love it!
– Nick B
“Best and strongest colloidal silver. I love it. Easy spray bottle. All three of us use ACS 200 for everything.”
– Marie M
“I love Results RNA! I especially appreciate their line of silver products: ACS 200 Extra Strength gel, intra-oral sprays, and nasal spray – I’ve literally used all three products this week alone. These products have become permanent fixtures in my home and I suspect that won’t change anytime soon.”
– Austi S
“The sprays are so much easier than the daily 60 different pills and supplements we started out with. We are now down to 10 different supplemental pills and capsules. That saves on expenses big time. ACS 200 Extra Strength has been the key for us.”
– Martha S