Get Off the Phone and Go Outside

As technology becomes more advanced every year, we are increasingly spending more time with our devices and less time outside. Research shows that there are significant benefits to our overall health by spending more time outdoors. The more time we spend on our devices and the less we spend outdoors makes it easier for our immune system to crash.

Research clearly shows the significant benefits of spending more time outdoors. The following are reasons to get off the phone and go outside:

You Get to Exercise

You should spend more time outdoors because it gets you moving. The benefits of exercise have been documented, and exercising outdoors is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. It will help with immune support, stress reduction, and lower blood pressure, among many physiological processes. You will have better respiratory, muscular, and joint health by spending more time outdoors.

Improved Mental Health

Another excellent benefit of going outside is that it can help improve your mental health. Even a fifteen-minute walk around the block or neighborhood can help improve your mood. Spending regular time outdoors is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mental health. Along with mental health, walks improve immune support. 

Better Sleep

Many people have insomnia and other sleep issues, leading to long-term health issues. Using devices around bedtime can make it harder to get to sleep and get enough rest. Spending time outside before bed helps the body regulate its circadian rhythm, assisting in a consistent sleep schedule. Better sleep leads to better overall health.

Higher Levels of Concentration and Clarity

It is extremely easy to become distracted with our devices. We will check social media and end up scrolling for hours. When you put your phone away and spend time away from that distraction, you are able to concentrate and have more mental clarity. 

Improved Immune System

There are countless benefits to spending time outdoors. One of the most important benefits to spending time off your phone and more time outside is an improved immune system. There is a higher chance of transmitting germs indoors and the air circulation outside helps decrease the chance of you encountering foreign invaders, causing you to feel under the weather. You also get more vitamin D while you are outside and vitamin D is known for its immune supporting benefits. 

Spend More Time Outside and Feel Better

There are many reasons to put your phone away and spend more time outside. Not only will you have better mental clarify, but you will also provide your body with additional immune support, and you will feel your best daily Try it and see the benefits for yourself.