Why Use a Topical Silver Gel?

Silver has been used to help immune support, including skin health, dating back to 4000 B.C.E. Colloidal silver products in the form of topical gels were particularly effective and were used for many common afflictions. Patients would use them to help treat minor burns, scrapes, and cuts. They also worked well in the case of skin irritations and sores by helping to reduce swelling, discomfort, and the need for regular bandage replacements. Today, these practices are still just as effective—if not, more.

Benefits of Silver

Used for centuries, silver has been a common ingredient in the care of various maladies. Records date back to the early 17th and 18th centuries for their use in medical applications and immune support. Silver does this by increasing macrophages, which are white blood cells that surround and reduce microorganisms and inhibit pathogen virulence.

Silver has also been shown to affect both bacteriostatic and bactericidal immune response.

Additionally, Silver has been shown to suppress production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and plays a key role in maintaining optimal immune support.

Silver Gels on the Market

Results RNA’s ACS 200 Silver Gel is the most effective silver topical gel on the market, containing Advanced Cellular 200 parts per million Silver and Advanced Cellular Glutathione. In addition to their supplements that help to detoxify the entire body and support the immune system, Results RNA offers support for your body’s first defense—the skin.

Best-selling ACS 200 Silver Gel will keep your skin fresh and healthy. Users can apply it daily to both their body and face for skin rejuvenation, instant soothing, and noticeably smoother skin. This topical silver gel helps to support cell regeneration, restore the skin barrier, and protect your body from external factors and unwanted bacterium. It also helps with skin repair due to damage from harmful UV light, tattoos, and laser treatments.

Powered by the same patented technology as our silver Intra-oral spray, ACS 200 Extra Strength, our advanced cellular silver is highly effective and helps you get the immune support your body needs both internally and externally.

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