Weight Lifting Options for All Ability Levels

Weight lifting can help you tone your body, build muscle mass, and enhance mobility. Weight lifting can also bolster the body and provide immune support it needs by improving blood flow, releasing endorphins, and relieving stress. Plus, weight lifting also improves your overall well-being and confidence.

The advantage of weight lifting over other exercise regimes is that it is flexible and almost anyone can do it comfortably. Whatever your ability level, there is a weight lifting option suited for you.

See what weight lifting option may work best for you.

Weight Lifting Options

  1. Free Weights

Free weights consist of the barbells and the dumbbells, and they are available at most gyms. You can also purchase your own set and use them at home. Free weights are suited for all ability levels because they consist of different weights, ranging from one to twenty pounds, and you choose a set based on your ability.

There are different ways of lifting free weights and the amount of reps is up to you. This makes this one of the more flexible weight lifting options and is great for those who are  weight lifting beginners. And of course, building muscle will also help build your immune support.

  1. Ankle Weights

If you cannot lift free weights, opt for ankle weights. Simply put them on your ankles and even on your arms. The weights add resistance to your strength movements, making your cardio workout a little more challenging.

Ankle weights are more comfortable to use than hand weights, and if you get the adjustable kind, you can control the weight in each, depending on your workout goals. This is a great option for those who might not know how to use weights properly or are just looking for a relatively mindless way of adding weights to their workout.

  1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are safe, flexible, and easy to control. If you have mobility, stand on the band and hold the ends in each hand. Standing straight up, pull the ends of the band upwards towards your shoulders and feel its impact.

Resistance bands are easy to use and transport, and they take up very little space. Using resistance bands helps flexibility, balance, and build the immune system.

  1. At-Home Alternatives

If you don’t have the above equipment at home, you can get creative and make your own ‘weights’ by improvising with various items. For example, you could fill bottles with water or sand and use them for dumbbells. You could also lift piles of books, canned goods, or filled bags of sand.

Boost Your Workout

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