The Dangers of Toxicity

Toxicity is among the multiple health hazards among US residents. Among the first things you may think about the topic of toxicity is how toxins enter your body. Your body could be exposed to toxins by ingestion, inhalation, or direct contact. This blog will talk about some types of toxins, the effects of toxicity on your body, and which Results RNA product can help you minimize toxins in your body.

Chemicals and Their Toxicity Dangers to Health

There are multiple chemicals, occurring naturally or as a result of human activities, that can affect your immunity and general body health. Some of the chemicals to watch out for while using daily lifestyle products include:

Organophosphate Pesticides

Organophosphate pesticides are approximately half of the pesticides used in the US for agricultural production. The chemicals concentrate on crops that end up in grocery stores as food sources. Heavy or long-term exposure by inhalation or ingestion of organophosphate pesticides can cause attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.

To prevent such toxins from getting to your body, you can embrace organic farming or use alternative chemical-free pest-control methods. However, it may be difficult to evade such toxins under some circumstances, and in such cases, it’s healthy to detox regularly using reliable products such as ACZ Nano Zeolite.

Naturally Occurring Toxins

Naturally developed toxins can be found in veggies and cereal grains. Examples of toxins under this category are:

  • Mycotoxins
  • marine biotoxins
  • cyanogenic glycosides
  • toxins occurring in poisonous mushrooms (gyromitrin, amatoxin, psilocybin, coprine, muscarine, and allenic norleucine)

Some staple foods such as corn may have high concentrations of mycotoxins such as ochratoxin and aflatoxin which affect the immune system.

Air pollutants

Industrial and economic growth in the US is rampant, and it’s becoming a big environmental hazard in terms of air pollutants. The pollutants include nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and benzene as well as burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas. Extreme exposure to air pollutants can cause severe health problems. Preventative options include avoiding buying furniture with glues containing formaldehyde. You can also evade living in polluted areas. You can also invest in the regular use of health-certified detox products from Results RNA.

Heavy Metals

You may unknowingly consume food or water contaminated with heavy metals such as Mercury and Lead. Lead exposure has been rampant in the US, partly because of older homes that use leaded paint and corrosion of water in lead plumbing pipes. Additionally, mercury released into the environment through the burning of oil and coal can seep through the soil into water bodies and find itself in fish and shellfish.

What Happens When You’re Exposed To Toxins?

Depending on chemical components, toxins can affect any system in your body, from respiratory and digestive to nervous and reproductive. The chemicals inhibit the normal functioning of body organs in the systems, causing short and long-term complications.

Free Your Body From Toxins with Results RNA Products!

After reading through various chemical types and their toxicity dangers to your body, you can now conclude there’s a possibility you have toxins. ACZ Nano Zeolite is one of our body cleansing products, and it’s the perfect product to counteract the effects of toxicity. Contact Results RNA today for detailed information.