The Benefits of Zeolite

Zeolite has long been known for its detoxification properties. It is a microporous mineral that works in fascinating ways to bind with and remove toxins from the entire body. Zeolite’s secret to detoxification is its molecular makeup.

Its structure is a tightly woven network of cages where water, other molecules, and ions can be inserted or exchanged. It traps toxins in this grid, and then removes them through the urinary tract.

What does Zeolite Bind

The types of toxins that zeolite can bind to are many. They include heavy metals, environmental toxins, molds, and radioactive materials. Toxins are abundant in our fast-moving and ever-evolving culture, making them almost impossible to avoid.

Zeolite for Detoxification and the Immune System

Having a supplement that can be utilized by the body easily to detoxify and promote immune health is of the utmost importance in today’s world.

By removing burdensome toxins from the body, zeolite boosts natural killer cells. This manifests by enhancing cytokine (the cells that allow other cells to talk to each other) production, regulating the host’s defenses, and mediating the body’s immune response.

Zeolite has also been shown to promote macrophage (scavenger cells), T-cell (special forces killer cells), and natural killer cell activity. It makes them more active in the body, more able to find invaders. It also increases these cells’ longevity, making them able to fight the immune response even longer.

Zeolite’s detoxification properties allow it to support immune health in a way that few other minerals can. If you want an excellent zeolite supplement, look no further than ACZ Nano Extra Strength by Results RNA.

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