Reasons Why You May Have a Weak Immune System

If you’ve found that you’re frequently unwell, tired, or have a lack of energy, it’s possible that your immune system is impaired. Here are some reasons why you may have a weak immune system.

1 . Lack of Sleep

You’re more likely to fall susceptible if you don’t get enough sleep. You might also take longer to recover. This is because your body is unable to produce as many invader-fighting cells and proteins known as antibodies, which aid in immunity defense. It is only during sleep that your body releases cytokines, which are immune supporting proteins.

2. Pressure

Feelings of worry and stress are not conducive to strengthening immune support. In as little as 30 minutes, having worried thoughts will decrease your immune response. Constantly feeling like this has an enormous impact, making it more challenging to fight off pathogens. Managing these feelings is a large part of everyday health. If you are looking to decrease these feelings of worry and stress, consider yoga, meditation, or simply five-minute breaks throughout the day to just breathe.

3. Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones and healthy blood cells, but did you know that it can also help your immune system? Eggs, fatty fish, and fortified meals like milk and cereal include it. Another important source is sunlight. In the summer, 5-15 minutes of exposure to the sun on your hands, face, and arms 2-3 times per week is usually sufficient. It is more difficult to attain vitamin D in the winter, so it may require more time outside.

4. Not Enough Veggies

Vegetables aid in the production of white blood cells, which are necessary for fighting pathogens. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds are high in vitamins and minerals necessary for your body to function optimally. Additionally, plant-based foods are also high in fiber, which helps lower your body fat percentage, keeping you at an overall healthier weight. This can help you have a stronger immune response.

If you are not getting the daily nutrients you need, are worried about your immune support, or aren’t getting enough sleep, supplements can help make up the difference.

Results RNA formulas help you replenish vital nutrients, support your immune system, replace antioxidants, regain energy, promote cellular regeneration, and detoxify your entire body.

A weak immune system can lead to a variety of health problems and can be a major inconvenience, as well. Be sure to take the necessary steps to boost your immune system and maintain overall wellness.