A New Age in Supplementation

Has traditional supplementation been letting you down? Have you seen little to no results in your health efforts? Is your health holding you back from enjoying life? It may be time to try Results RNA.

Results RNA has created over 30 liquid-based health formulas that utilize the most Advanced Cellular technology available. They are simple-to-take, taste great and are significantly more effective than capsules or pills. In a supplement market saturated with pills, Results RNA liquid formulas stand apart in technology and efficacy.

Our mission is to, through scientific research and development, provide significant new health formulations to help patients feel better, have more energy and endurance, sleep better, achieve health goals, and live a better life.

Our Story

Results RNA began with a simple need for better health. Results RNA CEO & President David Larson’s health was spiraling downward. The majority of David’s young life was plagued by life threatening asthma, allergy attacks, and autoimmune conditions. He knew by his late twenties that he felt very sick, and needed to do something drastic for his health.

This was when David began the research that started Results RNA.

“By the time I was three, or four years old, I remember waking up in an oxygen tent in the hospital. I had life threatening asthma and allergy attacks, and these conditions stayed with me into my teens, then into my twenties along with a lot of autoimmune conditions. I knew by my late twenties that I felt very very sick, and that if I didn’t do something drastic with my health, that things were going downhill very very quickly. And, so really, that is when our research began.”

After improving his own health, and monitoring his own results, David realized there were many others whose health could benefit from more effective supplementation. In particular, those with weakened or suppressed immune systems.

Through this research, David found that traditional capsule and pill supplementation is not as effective as it should be, with most nutrients being destroyed in the gut. “I knew there had to be a better way. “

With this goal in mind, Results RNA was born.

David and his team then set out to create the highest quality natural supplement formulas possible. For this, they needed to incorporate clean manufacturing processes, thorough testing, ethical sourcing, high quality natural ingredients, strict purity standards, and innovative delivery methods.

So they did.

The Advent of Advanced Cellular Technology

CEO & President David Larson and his team have devoted decades and millions in research and development, achieving monumental scientific breakthroughs with the advent of Advanced Cellular Intra-oral spray technology.

It is widely acknowledged among the scientific community that liquid-based supplements are more bioavailable than their capsule or pill counterparts. This is true. Results RNA, however, has taken this one step further.

By infusing our formulas with our Advanced Cellular technology, we are able to manufacture liquid-based supplement formulas that are even more bioavailable and more easily absorbed than standard liquid-based formulas.

Benefits of Advanced Cellular Technology:

  • Rapid absorption
  • Superior bioavailability
  • Greater amount of nutrients being delivered to the cells
  • Dosing flexibility. Easily choose how much you drink or spray
  • Natural, vegan ingredients
  • Increased convenience
  • Great Taste
  • No GI discomfort
  • Say goodbye to capsules & pills

Unlike capsules and pills, our Intra-oral spray delivery requires no use of unwanted binders, fillers or preservatives. The end result – products that are safe, clean and highly efficacious.

Our Advanced Cellular formulas focus on detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system, and nourishing the cells; providing the foundation of superior health more effectively than ever before.

ACS 200 Extra Strength Silver

With so many formulas available, where should you begin?

Our flagship product, ACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver, has been thoroughly researched and tested for over twenty years. The efficacy, safety, and purity of our elemental silver is unparalleled.

ACS 200 Extra Strength provides 200 parts per million of uniquely energized silver molecules, suspended in ultrapure deionized water: a proprietary micronutrient transport medium enabling rapid absorption and utilization by all biological systems. No single immune system support formula provides higher efficacy than ACS 200 Extra Strength.

Used as daily potent support for the immune system overall health, as well as detoxifier, ACS 200 is an excellent addition to any health maintenance regimen.

The New Science of Health

As you can tell, Results RNA formulas have been mindfully crafted, heavily researched, and thoroughly tested for quality and safety.

Results RNA cares deeply about quality, and ensures that every contains the best natural ingredients delivered in the most effective manner possible. Our products are manufactured in our own GMP certified manufacturing facility, and are tested at every stage for purity.

We aim to better the lives of our customers by providing high quality liquid-based supplements that are safe, convenient, and more effective than ever before, and we are happy to report that these scientific breakthroughs have changed the lives of countless customers and patients over the years.

In addition to positive patient response, our formulas are recommended by doctors and integrative healthcare professionals worldwide.

Try Results RNA Formulas for Yourself

Results RNA liquid-based supplements represent a new age in detoxification and supplementation.

This is the new science of health.