It’s Getting Cold! What Does That Mean for Your Body?

With the fall season in full swing, temperatures are dropping across the country. In a few months, winter will be here. How will these chilling mornings and biting wind affect your body and immune support?

person in winter clothingCold Weather Leaves Your Immune System Vulnerable

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exposure to cold weather for long periods can have adverse effects on one’s immune support. The reduced sun exposure causes one to get less vitamin D, which is essential in maintaining a strong immune system. Also, most people tend to stay indoors during cold weather, where the circulation of pathogens and invaders is much more prevalent, increasing chances of an immune system attack.

Cold Weather Worsens Existing Conditions

Apart from an increasing probability of a vulnerable immune system, the cold weather can worsen existing conditions. Cold temperatures can cause problems for people who have difficulty breathing. Cold, dry air causes the air passages in the lungs to contract, making it difficult to breathe. For those with heart conditions, participating in many activities like shoveling the snow in the cold weather can cause strain on the heart.

Cold Weather & Hypothermia

Another health risk posed by cold temperatures is hypothermia. Hypothermia is a condition where a person’s body loses heat at a faster rate than it can produce heat, causing the body temperatures to drop extremely low. This affects the brain causing unclear thinking, slow reactions, and sleepiness. Be careful and prepare for colder temperatures by wearing proper clothing.

Boost Your Immune Support with Results RNA

So, how do you keep your body healthy and at peak performance during the cold season? Look for supplements that support the immune system, promote a healthy inflammatory response, nourish sore muscles, and boost energy.

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