The Importance of Stretching, Detoxification & Boosting The Immune System

Regular stretching has numerous health benefits. In addition to improving your flexibility, an essential aspect of fitness, stretching can also help reduce tension and body aches and improve your posture. Additionally, stretching helps with overall detoxification by promoting blood circulation, quickened breathing, and increased sweat production.

Benefits of Stretching

woman stretches to detoxify and build her immune healthPhysical Health

There are numerous health benefits of regular stretching. According to studies, stretching increases blood circulation and provides greater freedom of movement. If you suffer from previous physical traumas, stretching exercises can help muscles and tendons to recover.

Mental Health

The benefits of stretching extend to mental health, as well. Stretching can help relieve feelings of nervousness and tension when combined with yoga and meditation. This relief is not limited to only the muscles, but can also extend to the mind.

Types of Stretches

There are many different types of stretching techniques including: dynamic, static, ballistic, PNF, passive, and active stretches. The two most common are static and dynamic stretches. Typically, static (where a pose is held for a few moments) stretching helps after exercise when the muscles are already warm. Dynamic stretching involves continuous movement of the body before a workout routine.

Stretching is a valuable tool to assist in the detoxification process, especially when it reverses blood flow and encourages fresh blood to a certain organ of the body. Specific yoga poses can enhance this detoxification process and are helpful with certain parts of the body.

Taking 5-10 minutes per day to stretch can make all the difference. Be sure to support these efforts by drinking enough water. In addition to stretching, there are supplements to increase healthy circulation and boost the immune system.

Detoxification & Immune System Support

Stretching can help the body detoxify, but it cannot end there. Because we are exposed to many harmful environmental toxins daily, it’s essential to take preventative measures to maintain overall health.

Taking supplements to aid in detoxification helps in a variety of ways. They replenish antioxidants, boost the immune system, help carry out harmful toxins, promote healthy cell regeneration, and more.

The most effective detoxification supplements available are Results RNA formulas. Learn more about these formulas to help aid your natural detox.

Overall, stretching is a necessary component of a healthy physical and mental wellness plan. See how much more mobile and detoxified your body feels after incorporating these steps into your routine.

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