Detox Naturally: How Zeolite Works to Detoxify the Entire Body

In a world rife with environmental toxicity, there is an urgent need for a means of comprehensive natural detoxification. ACZ Nano Zeolite offers a safe, natural cleanse for the entire body. Below, we explain how zeolite works, and why detoxing the entire body is crucial for optimal health.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a mineral that occurs naturally in places where volcanic rock and layers of ash meet alkaline water. The name zeolite comes from the greek words zeo (to boil) and lithos (stone). The porous nature of this rock allows certain molecules to pass through, while barring others.

Over time, this mineral has been used for more technical, scientific uses including: separating gases, purifying air at high altitudes for pilots, and separating molecules from one another when in the same solution. The versatility of this mineral allows it to be used in powerful commercial-grade cleaning, to even the most gentle of applications.

When ingested and absorbed properly, zeolite can attract, bind with, and remove toxins from the entire body. But how does that work exactly?

How Zeolite Works

Depiction of Zeolite's structure and how it works to traps toxinsWhen taken in an aqueous supplement form, zeolite can detox the entire body. Zeolite selectively binds with and removes toxins from the body completely. This seems like a huge, slightly confusing undertaking. Let’s break it down.

Zeolite’s structure looks rather like a cage, or a honeycomb. This mineral is negatively charged and therefore able to attract toxins which are positively charged. As tiny particles of Zeolite move through the body, toxins and dead cells get trapped by zeolite’s unique structure and charge. These toxins are then escorted out and removed through the urine, along with the zeolite particle they are trapped in.

What Does Zeolite Do for the Body?

Zeolite doesn’t merely detoxify organs, but detoxifies the entire body. Traditional cleanses that target specific organs do not cut it when it comes to our health, but we will address that later on.

First, let’s talk about the actual definition of detox. When you look up detox in the dictionary, you will find these words, the process of removing toxic substances or qualities.” Pay close attention to the way detox is described. Here, it says that a detox removes toxins, not relocates them to other parts of the body. What they are referring to here, is a true detox, or a detox for the entire body.

Zeolite is a true detoxifier. Adhering to the definition, zeolite binds with, traps, and subsequently removes toxins from the body through the urinary tract. Zeolite doesn’t merely sweep toxins to the side or hide them in the couch cushions. It removes them altogether, tackling toxins and bringing them down with it, expelling them from the body, never to be seen again.

Toxins: Invisible Killers

Infographic displaying 8 every day toxic items to avoid.

Toxins are all around us, hiding in our water, food, air, and cosmetic supplies. Even certain types of cookware have been found to carry and transfer toxins. According to the NRDC, there are about 80,000 chemicals used in everyday items, most of which have not been tested for safety in the long term.

Many health issues have been related to this toxic environment, and more are bound to be linked in the near future. Detoxing is more important than ever before.

A few symptoms of toxicity are: poor skin health and blemishes, headaches, difficulty concentrating, memory issues, persistent muscle soreness, menstrual issues, mood changes, and low energy. It is not possible, no matter how careful you are about it, to remain completely toxin-free.

So, what do we do?

The answer is detoxification.

Why Traditional Cleanses Don’t Work

Traditional cleanses normally focus on specific organs in the body. Some of these so-called, “detoxes” can be more harmful than helpful, and don’t actually remove toxins from the body like the definition suggests. When these modes of detox clean the organ or area in question, they end up taking the toxins that were in the organ, and spreading them throughout the rest of the body. This can cause discomfort and other issues that people tend to associate with detoxing.

Some of the most popular forms of traditional detox include:

Juice Cleanses

Most juice cleanses consist of drinking only vegetable juice or water mixtures for a number of days or weeks, with the occasional implementation of a laxative tea at night. These cleanses can be dangerous, and don’t end up doing the job they are meant to.

Juice cleanses often do little more than starve the user, while forcing you to have repeated diarrhea for the duration of the cleanse. While performing one of these cleanses, you may suffer from both a lack of protein, and a lack of calories, which may send your body into starvation mode.

There have been multiple studies that have concluded that detoxes like this end up damaging your metabolism permanently and actually make it much harder to lose weight in the long run.

Colon Cleanses

Over a period of days or weeks, colon cleanses purge the digestive tract of waste in a fairly extreme and uncomfortable fashion. In the way of actually ridding your body of toxins, this method falls short of the mark. Granted, there are bound to be toxins in waste, but this is not nearly good enough.

Liver Cleanses

Cleansing the liver sounds like a good idea. The liver is in charge of removing toxins from the body, and you want to ensure that it doesn’t get overloaded. The only problem is that many liver cleanses ONLY cleanse the liver.

There is no reliable way for these cleanses to escort toxins directly out of the body. Toxins end up exiting the liver and entering the body to continue wreaking havoc. Many people feel uncomfortable after a liver cleanse. This is a by-product of the toxins entering the body. Without a plan to completely remove them from the body, toxins are better left where the body intended them to lie.

Side-effects of Traditional Organ Cleanses

When traditional organ cleanses disperse toxins into the rest of the body, side-effects can occur. A few of these are:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Muscle discomfort
  • Mood changes
  • Sleep disruption

These “detoxes” turn into more of a relocation or dispersal rather than a detox. This process ends up being the exact opposite of what you signed up for, leaving you with the mystery of where the toxins are now.

Detox the Entire Body

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ACZ Nano Zeolite: A Natural Full-body Detoxifier

The answer to our toxic environment is true, natural, full-body detoxification. We need a safe and natural way to get these toxins out of our bodies; without causing additional harm or having to endure challenging side effects. You don’t need to starve yourself drinking only lemon-water-cayenne-pepper-syrup detox drinks. You don’t need to spend days in intense GI discomfort. What you need is ACZ Nano

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