Heavy Metals and Heart Disease

The average person is exposed to thousands of dangerous toxins and heavy metals daily. Whether it is from the food we eat, the cleaning products we use, or the water we drink-the toxins are unavoidable and can cause major health problems. These toxins and heavy metals are known to cause suppressed immunity, weight gain, skin conditions, bloating, and more. More and more research has been done proving that heavy metals and toxins are hurting us more than we know, and recent research has shown that exposure to various heavy metals can increase the risk of developing heart disease. (Rajkumar, 2023)

Heavy Metals and Heart Disease

Many professionals have been doing research on how exposure to heavy metals and toxins can affect our cardiovascular health. A study was conducted by a team at Cambridge University that showed that exposure to arsenic, lead, and copper increased the risk of individuals contracting heart disease. Dr Rajiv Chowdhury, the lead scientist in this trial has said:

It’s clear from our analysis that there’s a possible link between exposure to heavy metals or metalloids and risk of conditions such as heart disease, even at low doses-and the greater the exposure, the greater the risk. (Cambridge_Uni)

The study at Cambridge found that those that are exposed to heavy metals are around 30% to 80% more likely to develop heart disease than those that are not exposed to them.

What Types of Heavy Metals Affect Heart Health?

According to the American Heart Association, “chronic exposure to low levels of lead, cadmium, and arsenic-metals found in daily life-increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.” (heart.org) Lead can be found in paint, batteries, cosmetics and more. While cadmium can be found in soil and fertilizers. Another dangerous heavy metal is Mercury, which is found in seafood and beauty products. (Learn About Lead)

How do Heavy Metals Affect Heart Health?

Heavy metals are dangerous, and they can accumulate in our body over time and cause health issues. Here are just a few ways heavy metals can affect your heart health:

Build-Up on Arterial Walls

When you are taking in heavy metals daily, you can build up plaque on the walls of your arteries. When this happens, it decreases oxygen delivery and blood flow to your heart.

Blood Pressure Dysregulation

The body’s natural ability to regulate blood pressure depends on the health of the heart muscle, arteries, and blood cells. When heavy metals damage these systems, blood pressure levels will increase, which can be dangerous.

Heart Issues at Birth

Exposure to heavy metals while pregnant can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems in infants. The toxins can hinder the formation of healthy heart tissue, leading to persistent health issues at birth.

Heavy Metals Increase Oxidative Stress in the Body

One of the primary causes of cardiovascular disease is oxidative stress. Heavy metals can increase oxidative stress in the body and can limit glutathione production, making you more vulnerable to heart issues. (Touchstone Essentials)

Heavy Metals Cause Inflammation

Heavy metals cause chronic inflammation in the body and inflammation has been noted as one of the primary causes of cardiovascular disease.

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Support Your Cardiovascular Health Today

We are exposed to thousands of dangerous toxins and heavy metals daily and they are known to cause many health problems. Heavy metals can hurt your immune system, cause weight gain, and can increase the risk of developing heart disease. Heavy metals can increase inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, increasing your chances of struggling with cardiovascular disease throughout your life. By being proactive by flushing out these dangerous heavy metals with products like ACZ Nano Zeolite, you are giving your heart the support it needs to function properly and efficiently.