Enjoy Maximum Benefits with Intra-Oral Sprays

For over two decades, Results RNA has led in researching and producing some of the highly touted and top-quality health supplements. Their invention of Advanced cellular technology and incredible line of sprayable and drinkable formulas are the ultimate future of supplementation. In a pills-saturated market, Results RNA has created a wide range of intra-oral spray health formulas that are fun to take, sweet-tasting, and significantly more effective than pills and capsules.

Intra Oral Sprays Vs. Pills and Capsules

There has been an unending debate in the supplement industry- Which is better, intra-oral sprays or pills and capsules? While capsules and pills have been the standard of supplementation, that does not mean they are the most efficient and effective options. Their issues start with swallowing problems, leading to significant discomfort and blocked airways. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider switching from pills and tablets to Result RNA’s intra-oral sprays:

Different Absorption Routes and Rates

Like food, pills and capsule products must slowly travel through the digestive system to be broken down and absorbed. Unfortunately, most of the most beneficial nutrients present in these supplements are destroyed by the acid in the stomach before they provide any health benefits.

It is easy to think that spraying your Result’s RNA supplement into your mouth is similar to swallowing a tablet or capsule. However, according to research, this is not the case. Generally, the intra-oral spray takes a different route, usually through the mouth’s soft tissue. Yes. The nutrients can be easily absorbed into your body through the mouth mucous membrane.

Generally, intra-oral sprays provide nutrients and vitamins into your body as liquid extracts. This means your body will not have to further break the extracts for easy absorption. The product will therefore kick in and start working quickly- almost instantly.

Bioavailability is Key

Generally, bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that enters your body’s circulation, gets absorbed, and takes immediate effect. Results RNA boasts a wide range of bioavailable products easily absorbed, utilized, and effective once introduced into your body. Capsules and pills have a low bioavailability making it hard for the body to absorb most essential substances. Consequently, many of the ingredients you purchase go unabsorbed and unused, providing no apparent benefits.

Always Go for Toxin Free Supplements

Tablets and capsules have filler excipients that make them sizeable and easy to handle. This is because the amount of active drug required in your boy is too small to be handled conveniently. However, the combinations of these materials can translate to poor delivery, causing significant health effects, including:

  • Distasteful burps
  • GI discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Discomfort swallowing
  • Poor absorption

With the high levels of toxicity surrounding us, you deserve a toxin-free supplement that will improve your health and not cause further harm. That is where Result’s RNA’s intra-oral sprays come in. With the conveniently sprayable formulas, swallowing is quite easy, and the nutrients will be easily and quickly absorbed and utilized in the body. You do not even need water. Just spray, swish, and swallow.

Result’s RNA intra-oral sprays are manufactured with top-quality, safe, and natural ingredients thoroughly tested for purity. Sure, a supplement spray might be quite uncommon for most people. However, it is easy, fun, and safe to use and significantly easier for your body to absorb and utilize nutrients in this form.