Don’t Let Thanksgiving be an Excuse to Give Up on Your Health

Thanksgiving is a great time of year to spend time with your family and loved ones, giving thanks for everything and everyone in your life. Although Thanksgiving is known for the quality time you spend with others, it is also known for all of the delicious foods we all know and love. It is easy to lose sight of our wellness goals and feast on all of those delicious options in front of us. Don’t forget the importance of eating healthy, starting a natural detox cleanse, and immune health! This Thanksgiving, find ways to maintain your health and wellness goals, while also enjoying the holiday.

Here are several ways you can keep your health in mind and still enjoy Thanksgiving:

thanksgiving foods on tableEat Healthy Foods

The average American consumes over 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving. While a lot of the foods are high in calories, there are many options on your Thanksgiving table that will allow you to follow your diet, while enjoying the delicious meal you have prepared. Try roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, Brussel sprouts, and white turkey meat this Thanksgiving. Remember that you can still try everything. Just try smaller portions and you can still experience all of the food and not overdo it.

Avoid Alcohol

Thanksgiving is a celebration and many Thanksgiving meals include alcohol. Try to limit your alcohol intake by drinking a lot of water.


Not one to run a 5K on Thanksgiving? That is okay! Start the day with a walk outside and enjoy the benefits all day long. Do at least thirty minutes of physical activity on Thanksgiving to burn excess calories and build strong muscles and healthy joints. Exercise is also a great way to start a natural detox cleanse.

Get Enough Sleep

Thanksgiving is also famous for its naps. Turkey is known to make you sleepy and after a big meal, we all want to lie down and take a nap. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, despite all the festivities surrounding you.

Eat Breakfast

Many people decide to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving to save their calories for their Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure that you are eating breakfast to boost your energy and metabolism. By starting the day with a healthy breakfast, you are setting yourself up for success for the rest of the day.

Use Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements not only replenish lost nutrients, but also help detox and cleanse your body of dangerous toxins. Add vitamins to your daily routine to feel your best.

Use Result RNA Formulas

Supplements from Results RNA go beyond the efficacy of traditional supplements to detox and cleanse the body. Start the day with our Total Body Detox as it will help remove toxins from your system, helping you feel your best this Thanksgiving.

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