Cardio Options for All Ability Levels

There is a wide range of cardio exercises that people of all ability levels can try. Cardio exercises raise your heart rate to promote blood circulation, build your endurance, and start natural detoxification. They also prompt the body to release toxins when it starts to burn calories.

Toxins are one reason your muscles feel sore after exercise. Although the body gets rid of the toxins naturally when blood is filtered in the kidneys, you could help to hasten the detoxification process with Results RNA formulas. Our intra-oral sprays cleanse the body of toxins and replenish vital nutrients, giving you the energy to conduct cardio exercises.

Cardio Exercise for People of All Ability Levels

Find the most suitable cardio exercise for you based on your physical ability and endurance level from the options below:

  1. Walking

Walking is a low-impact cardio exercise for all levels of fitness and ability. Even just 30 minutes of walking a day can impact your physical, mental, and emotional health.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is an excellent cardio activity that engages several body muscles and detoxifies. It can be performed on a stationary bike or outdoor bicycle. If you lack lower body mobility, try an arm bike!

  1. Boxing

All people, especially those with upper body strength, can perform boxing. Those in wheelchairs may need a chest strap for support and to maintain their balance, but boxing can be done both sitting or standing. Be sure to speak with a physical trainer or trained professional for details of how to safely box, given your physical ability.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is an adaptable cardio activity for people of all abilities and the difficulty level can vary. Aquatic physical exercise is great for those looking to reduce the strain on muscles and joints while starting the detoxification process. It would be best if you had professional guidance to teach proper stroke technique and for ways to modify your training based on your physical ability.

Enhance Your Cardio Exercise

Any of these heart-healthy cardio exercises will get your body burning calories and releasing toxins. Using Results RNA formulas can enhance these efforts by supporting the detoxification process and thus, unburdening your body, increasing energy levels, and reducing oxidative stress. Our formulas can help to reduce muscle fatigue and to help you get back out there after a difficult workout.

People of all ability levels can do cardio exercise to burn calories, increase endurance, and build muscle mass. Cardio exercise is an important way to support your overall health.

Learn more about how combining cardio exercise with Results RNA formulas can support your overall health.