How Toxins Affect Men’s Health: The Best Detox for Men

Do you know how toxic chemicals and compounds can affect men’s health? Symptoms that are often mistaken for aging such as: sluggishness, weight gain, and loss of mental clarity can actually be caused by toxicity. During the past century, more than 80,000 toxic chemicals have been created. Each year, the U.S alone releases a staggering 4 billion pounds of toxins into our environment, contaminating our air, food, water, soil, plants, animals, and of course, our bodies.

What can Toxins Do to the Body?

When the body is overloaded with toxins, many crucial functions can suffer. Toxic body burden can lead to:

  • Suppressed immune function
  • Decreased libido
  • Decreased physical performance
  • Increased exhaustion
  • Loss of mental clarity
  • Poor skin health
  • Unhealthy weight gain

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to participate in a true detox! Below, we explain the difference between weight management programs and true detoxification, and illuminate the benefits of cleansing the body of harmful toxins. 

What are the Benefits of Detoxification for men?

The term “detox” has been hijacked and distorted by the diet industry. When companies use the word detox, what they’re really talking about is a weight loss strategy. This sales tactic gives true detoxes a bad name, and is extremely misleading. These protocols leave men nutrient-deficient, tired, and unable to build muscle or strength. 

A true detox does not focus on weight loss, but the actual removal of toxic substances from the entire body. 

Toxins can place an enormous burden on the immune system, block nutrient absorption, incite oxidative stress, promote an inflammatory response, and cause damage to cells. Without the burden of toxicity, the body is allowed to thrive naturally. Some of the benefits of a true full-body detox are:

  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Promoting healthy muscle recovery
  • Encouraging natural cellular regeneration and skin health
  • Supporting gut health
  • Allowing for better nutrient absorption
  • Promoting healthy weight management
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Promoting increased energy levels
  • Supporting higher physical performance
  • and many more.

Why Some “Detoxes” can be Dangerous

The goal of true detoxification is not to help the user lose weight, but to actually remove toxins from the entire body. While toxins can be the cause behind unhealthy weight gain, weight loss is not the point of detoxification. 

Many “detox” regimens require starving yourself, drinking only detox waters, or send you running to the bathroom. These detoxes offer little more than gastrointestinal discomfort and losing a few pounds of muscle or water weight. “Detoxes” like these do not remove toxins from the entire body and can cause more health issues than they solve.

A recent study asked men to participate in the most common detoxes, and found that if the men lost weight at all, it was almost entirely muscle loss and water weight. Most men also complained that they had a hard time focusing, and felt extremely weak and tired. Muscle loss in no way helps the body become healthier or stronger. These “detoxes,” leave men weak, tired, and no closer to their health goals than they were before. So, how are men supposed to cleanse their body of toxicity?

The Best Detox for Men

Wondering if there are any good detoxes for men out there? We don’t blame you. With all of the options available, it can feel like nothing will ever work. This is why Results RNA created the Ultimate Body Detox System

The Ultimate Body Detox system is the most effective and technologically advanced detox available. In this system, Results RNA’s revolutionary natural detox formulas work together to provide a powerful full-body detox that removes toxins from the entire body. It is quick, simple, easy to use, and fits into any routine. 

The Ultimate Body Detox By Results RNA

The Ultimate Body Detox system by Results RNA features three natural detoxification formulas: ACS 200 Silver, ACZ Nano Zeolite, and ACG Glutathione. These natural formulas work together synergistically to remove toxins from the entire body, support the immune system, and replenish antioxidants. 

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