The Benefits of ACS Nasal

The Nose

Clean nasal passage protects immune systemThe nasal cavity plays a crucial role in our overall immune support and wellbeing. The nose filters and humidifies the air we breathe, so it can be optimally delivered to the lungs. It is responsible for cleaning the air, while pollutants, viruses, and bacteria get trapped in mucus that travels to your stomach. The nose also acts as a warning system to alert us of these airborne irritants and allergens. Some even call the nose the “gatekeeper to the lungs.”

If the nose plays such a vital role in our overall health, then it makes sense why we must do everything we can to combat congestion. ACS Nasal Extra Strength is the most effective nasal wash available and helps to clear nasal passages for deep breathing day and night.

ACS Nasal Extra Strength

ACS Nasal can be used to help with occasional and seasonal nasal congestion and nasal blockage, but it can also be used as a preemptive measure each day to help you breathe deeper and clearer.

ACS Nasal is powered by the same patented silver technology as ACS 200 Extra Strength. This helps ACS Nasal to have powerful effect, while still being gentler than competing nasal washes. In the body, silver fights alongside the immune system, offering exceptional immune support and promoting profound cellular regeneration.

The most effective nasal wash on the market is ACS Nasal. This product is recommended by Integrative Healthcare Practitioners in over 50 countries. You can enjoy the convenience of a three-bottle system or a single-bottle unit.

Our customers enjoy how convenient ACS Nasal is to use, how it is non-habit forming, and how effective it is during times of crisis or traveling and for continued daily use.

ACS Nasal 3 pack sold for cleansing nasal passages

“Love this for air travel! I usually have issues after long flights – this keeps me feeling good!” – Henry P

“Both Hubby and myself have experienced deeper breathing. Funny but we didn’t have a clue our breathing was shallow until using the ACS Nasal spray.” – Debra P

“This spray just plain WORKS. It’s non-habit forming and you can use it as often as you like. It keeps my sinuses open better than any other product I’ve used, but without the “kickback” you can get from popular over the counter nasal sprays.” – S. Dawson

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Woman holds ACS Nasal Wash by Results RNA before spraying in noseHow To Use

ACS Nasal is administered like similar nasal products. Place the nozzle into each nostril and inhale deeply while spraying. Take only one spray in each nostril at a time, repeating multiple times a day, if needed.

For those who have allergies or dietary concerns, Results RNA products are all non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.


Traditional supplements and competing nasal washes can’t compare to the efficacy of Results RNA formulations. Unique liquid-based formulations cleanse the body of harmful pollutants, stimulate immune support, and restore key nutrients safely, effectively, and conveniently.

If you are looking for a nasal spray that delivers, learn more about ACS Nasal.