ACS 200 Silver Gel Go-To for Fighters & Athletes

Dr. Anita DelPrete works with the professional athletes at Jackson Wink MMA on a daily basis and understands the health concerns these fighters routinely encounter.

ACS 200 Silver Gel “is our go-to for most of our fighters and athletes,” Dr. DelPrete says.

As one can imagine, both MMA fighters and athletes push their bodies to the limit. In addition to caring for their muscles and ligaments, they must also care for their skin. Consistent athletic activity can result in skin sensitivity. When left unattended, this hinders athletic performance.

Dr. DelPrete says she suggests ACS 200 Silver gel when her athletes experience cuts or scrapes.

“If you do not have it, you need to get some,” Dr. DelPrete says.

ACS 200 Silver Gel is a soothing and rejuvenating formula with active ingredients Advanced Cellular Silver and Advanced Cellular Glutathione. This topical gel supports overall skin health. 

In specific instances such as cuts, wear and tear, or irritation, ACS 200 Silver Gel provides soothing and discernable rejuvenation.

ACS Silver Gel for Face and Body Post-Workout

However, ACS 200 Silver Gel can be applied to both your face and body daily to maintain optimal skin health, whether you are an athlete or not. It dries quickly and does not have to be washed off!

ACS 200 Silver Gel can be used for blemishes, underneath masks, skin redness, dry skin, sensitive skin, burns, cuts, scrapes, and more. 

While other topical creams and ointments can actually damage the skin, ACS 200 Silver Gel provides exceptional effects without harmful chemicals.

Experience healthier skin with ACS 200 Silver Gel.