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The Problem: Immunodeficiency

Health Care Practitioners around the globe are being challenged daily by ever increasing trends that defy nearly all standard immune protocols. The problem is two-fold: As cases of Immunodeficiency diseases increase, complicated pathogens continue to adapt and evolve new ways to successfully infect the host. For example: “More people are infected and die of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) each month in hospitals in the U.S. than from severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS], anthrax, bioterrorism agents [and] avian influenza combined,” Dr. William Jarvis, the CDC’s former acting director of the hospital infections program, said in written comments to a February, 2007 hearing in Springfield, Illinois.19 The Institute of Medicine, under the National Academy of Sciences, estimates that the annual cost associated with these difficult situations may be as high as $30 billion. Annually, over 2 million Americans may present these highest risk immune challenges to their physician. 20,21,22 This trend is unacceptable.