ACS 200 SILVER Extra Strength

This essential immune boost formula is recommended by doctors worldwide. Advanced Cellular Silver provides 200 parts per million uniquely energized silver molecules, enabling rapid absorption, exceptional immune support & profound cellular regeneration.

Over 400 Positive Reviews and Counting

“You guys have the best silver. I have tested ACS 200 Silver head to head against other silvers, and you guys always win. Amazing really.”
– Ryan S

“I have used ACS 200 Silver for about 2 1/2 years and it is as important to me as anything I do to maintain my health.”
– Michael M

“This helped my wife to feel better in a couple days. Really great stuff… After a few months, she tried another product that had far less silver parts per million in it . When she made the switch, she didn’t feel well again.When she reverted back to the ACS 200, she started to feel better again.”
– Adam S
“The price was good and fast shipping. Thanks”
– Healthy Choices
“I was a skeptic…but wow. It’s crazy. I’m smitten now.”
– Amber W
“We use ACS 200 Silver during specific seasons for immune support. We also use it to support healthy skin for ourselves and our dog.”
– Cheri K
“It works for me.”
– Vicki P
“ACS 200 silver is easy to use: depressing the spray plunger delivers a measured amount of product. There is a slight metallic taste that goes away if you eat or drink after using it, but wait a full two minutes before washing it out of your mouth as it is best absorbed by your mouth lining. . I recommend this product.
– Al B
“I can only calculate that it does work.”
– Curtis D
“My favorite colloidal silver EVER!”
– Tammie C
“It worked like lightning.”
– Patti W
“I’ve been using ACS200 Advanced Cellular Silver for a number of years.
– Esther D
“My wife and I have had excellent results with this product so far.”
– Lance R
“Results RNA ACS 200 surpassed my expectations. I took 6 sprays twice a day for a while and didn’t really notice much. Then I increased it to 12 sprays twice a day, and there I *definitely* noticed an improvement!! It’s easy to take, I love how you just spray, swish and swallow.”
– Stacy H
“Awesome Product! (40 yrs experience w/ Silver)
– Lori H
“A little goes a long way. I think you will be happy with the product.”
– Chris R